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Guest Information

Thank you for agreeing to speak on the Monadical podcast! Below is more information about the format, the recording, and some general guidance so you don’t go in blind.

About the episode:
Paradigmatic explores the intersection of technology, policy, and their broader impact on society. Our host, Max McCrea, will have a conversational-style interview with you to learn about your background, your work, how your work impacts the world around us, and any interesting discoveries your work has uncovered. By deep-diving into each subject, we hope to educate and delight our listeners and learn something new about technology and its place in society.

The recording:
Date and time: Friday, Jan 19, 10:00am - 12:00pm EST
Location: Rhozeland Design Studio, 894A College St, Toronto, ON M6H 1A4
Style: Casual yet insightful conversation
What to bring: Just yourselves!

Please send us:
A short bio and headshot for promotional use
Any specific topics or questions you wish to cover

Standard example questions:
Can you tell me about yourself?
Can you describe a project you're involved in that merges technology with societal impact?
What's an often overlooked or unknown aspect of your field that you find fascinating or think more people should be aware of?
In your experience, how have public policy decisions influenced your work, and how have you navigated these challenges?
Who are the key influencers or organizations in your industry, and how have they shaped the landscape of what you do?
How do societal norms or cultural shifts impact your work, and can you give a specific example of this influence?
Looking ahead, how do you see your area of expertise evolving, especially considering current and future policy trends?
Although there is a standard set of questions, not every episode will feature all of them. The questions are intended to generate stories and if stories are shared without the standard questions, they may be skipped. Each episode will be different based on how the conversation flows.

For any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to our producer, Andy Tran, at or +1 647 704 0202

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