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A professional trading journal template. Keep detailed records of all your trading and backtesting in one place. Conduct advanced analysis of your trading performance. Review your progress and iterate your approach.
Hello and welcome.
I use this Doc every day to track my trading performance and help me improve my edge in the markets.
It is the best tool I have in my arsenal, and has gone through many iterations over the years. This Coda doc is the latest.
I think many traders can benefit from it, so I decided to publish it.
I charge a monthly subscription fee for access to your own personal copy of the template, which includes a 7 day free trial.
The subscription fee includes:
Technical support
Access to future updates
Data import/export Allows you to migrate your content to the latest template.
🔑 Key features
👨‍💻 About me
I am an anonymous trader based in the UK, who goes by the pseudonym TradeRunner.
I have been coding for over 13 years - developing user interfaces for web apps and web sites.
I have been trading the FX and crypto currency markets for 4 years.
Ever since I started trading, I wanted to build my own trading journal app, because none of the other products out there did what I wanted.
Over the years I have built and shared several free templates built on Google Sheets - and provided free technical support for users. Those familiar with my old templates will recognise the format I’ve used here.
At one point I began developing my own dedicated web application. But even with years of experience, building an conventional app with all the functionality I’ve managed to include in this doc is just too much work for one person. Eventually, I realised I would not be able to realise my vision by going that route.
To me, Coda feels like a completely new way of developing a user interface - and I absolutely love it. As a result I have spent months learning everything I can about Coda, so that I could build the best trading journal template (at least, for my own needs).
Perhaps this doc fits with your own needs too.
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Please note: Docs are provisioned manually. The process should be quick, but please allow up to 24 hours to receive your access.
What you get
Once you gain access to your doc, you can:
Delete the example data and fill it with your own
Completely customise your doc (and all functionality within it) to your own needs
The following are also available in the area:
Request an additional copy of your customised doc
Request a copy of the latest base template
Ask me for any help or advice you need
Cancel your subscription
Please note: There are no limits on how many copies you can request. However we reserve the right to use our discretion in order to prevent abuse of the service.
About future updates
The below points ensure I will be continuing to develop updates for quite some time:
is a young platform that is gaining new features at a rapid rate
Coda is powerful, but it’s not perfect, and it doesn’t allow me to do everything I want (yet)
I personally use this doc almost every day
I have lots of ideas for new features and improvements
I am also open to any suggestions you may have!
Moving your data:
When a new template is published, you can export your content from your current doc and import it into the new template - using the data import/export features I’ve provided.
If you have made extensive customisations to your Doc, please be aware it may become incompatible with the next release - therefore successful import or export of your data cannot be fully guaranteed.
However, most issues can be easily fixed (see below).
Technical support
If you need help, I can provide technical support.
If you want some advice on the best way to customise your doc, or want to know more about how the template works (so you can make the right decisions) - just ask!
The Custom Fields feature is specifically designed to avoid the need to add new columns - and thus prevent data compatibility issues with future versions. But if you do want to add something, I can help you make sure your work remains compatible.
If that all sounds good,
v1.0.1 (latest)

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