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Recent Changes

Sending NFTs

If you need to send upto 10,000 cNFTs, please toggle under advanced to ‘Semi-Fungible’ in order to offset the limit (SFTs are fine and are like cNFTs since they carry the same metadata)
See here:
Screenshot 2023-07-13 at 7.21.56 PM.png

New Features

Video NFTs
From dashboard you can go through the setup
1. Create project - the animation URL would be your video. Easiest way to get a URL would be to upload to imgur and the thumbnail you can upload as an image on the site.
2. Be sure to open advanced and toggle semifungible to true
3. On the project page, you'll be able to hit the + button and then either add the wallet addresses or drop a csv of all the wallets
example in the link

Creating Projects

To create non-transferrable NFTs or Transferrable , please visit our docs and visit Enterprise Endpoints

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