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Tony Plasencia 

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San Francisco State University - B.A. Political Science-(2016-2020)
First-Generation College Graduate 👨‍🎓
D1-AA Rugby Player 🏉
President of Philosophers Club 🤔

Uber,, Setter

Uber, Operations & Growth (2016-2018)

UberRetail: Activated 1k+ Uber Drivers via in-person sales → guided prospective partners throughout the whole onboarding cycle from s/u→ background check→ in-person visit → first trip
UberInnovation: Provided digital support to Uber Partners ( P2P & Eats) across various markets in Greenlight Hubs through UberKiosk. Networking + Collaborating with in-person experts to scale out Kiosk project. (Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles)
UberInnovation: Contributing on actions which resulted in a (CSAT) jump from 81 percent to 90 percent; and Net Promoter Score (NPS) jump from 61 to 93. Actions included creating + A|B testing post-visit surveys, conducting in-person interviews, and applying constructive feedback to hardware., Operations (2018-2020)

Managed and determined 75+ Merchant-Partner's needs by observing consumers behavior, collecting feedback, analyzing data, and creating on/offline strategies to increase order volume by 33%. Strategies included ‘highlighting’ merchant-partners, in-web order buttons, and ‘first-time’ perks.
Analyzed operational performance in target zones to identify pain points and execute actionable solutions to increase NPS from 60 to 85. Solutions included ‘first-time order’ surveys, id’ing + applying ‘winning’ strategies, and merchant collaboration. ( take care of your lowest performers)
Helped expand SF Market w/in different geo’s of city through Field/ Outbound Sales (from 75 to 125 merchants). Helped launch/onboard Oakland and San Jose Markets in the Bay Area (both from 0 to 15 respectively)

Setter acq. by Thumbtack, Business Operations + Partnerships (2020-2020)

Led and trained 10 person Philippines-based client support team to execute processes that improved response times by prioritizing methods of communication and prompting while creating the strategy to do-so.
Owned product workstream to mitigate insurance claims post-home consultation through smart home products, including identifying products for sale, developing product content, training home consultants on product knowledge.
Signed 4 product partners to develop the company's first e-commerce websites + Sold ~$250,000 in home projects within first month, surpassing monthly target by 46%.

Founder, Advisor, Consultant


Co-Founder ( March 2021 - December 2021)

- A place for creators to organize their content and earn from their tastes.
Building everything from Product, Fundraising, Marketing, Ideation, etc.
Part of LH7 - Launch House
MVP built by June , 20 creator with 3M followers cross platform, 500 person waitlist, and $45k committed form Angels

Interim Head of Growth ( April 2021 - December 2021 )

Co-Created + Assisted on Buyer’s persona + buyers journey (helped create framework for interviews,persona, and journey)
Helped CEO identify Customer Acquisition channels + build out strategy (Traveltech- SEO, Content, and Referral)
Sounding Board :) → Pitched and Raised $1M Pre-Seed from EPMT, a Darryl Finkton Fund

Talent Partner - Bay Area ( March 2021 - December 2021 )

Building out this program to help individuals from untapped communities in the Bay Area - break into tech and change their trajectory in life.

Venture Scout (January 2021- )

First company
Co-Created + Assisted on Buyer’s persona + buyers journey (helped create framework for interviews,persona, and journey)
Helped CEO identify Customer Acquisition channels + build out strategy (Media- SEO, Freemium, and Social Content)
Helped raise $15K from Angel 👼 via network referral + investment deck help (id’ing size of problem + communicating value)
Second Company
- Socially Conscious Marketplace
Third Company


Start-Up Consultant (Jun-Aug 2020, Nov-Jan 2020)

Companies: ,
Co-created B2B Sales Strategy, Messaging, and Tools ( Growth/Enterprise Approach, CRM, Sales Enablement Tools, Lead Gen Tools)
Set-Up ‘trials’ with ‘early customers’ for B2B program launch ie: Employee Benefits (15 trials in 3 Months)
Created communication strategies for customer support, influencer campaign, partnerships, and in-app copy
Managed 4+ BDR’s :)

Co-Founder (Aug 2020-Nov 2020)

Built out Sales Division (Set-up Tools, Reporting Dashboards, Outbound/Inbound Messaging, Sales Strategy)
Co-Created Customer/Buyer Persona (Market Research, Create Feedback Loops, Customer Interviews)
Scaled SaaS model from 0-15 customers in two markets (Colorado & Alabama)

Tools + How I stay productive?

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Tony’s Schedule

Principle: Pomodoro Technique [Monotasking]
Why I like it?
The act of working on one task at a time with a specific amount of time to complete said task plus giving/allowing permission to take scheduled breaks to reduce burn-out throughout the day.
If I can’t finish it within the time break - save it. No need to multitask on the to-do’s of the day, it’ll all be worked on.
Creates time for Deep Work. Monotasking gives you the ability to eliminate distractions by enhancing productivity and cognitive ability to reach achievements you couldn’t reach.
Allows you to build a daily process + find a better ‘time’ for productivity. You build out your top/lowest priorities, allocate time to them, turn-off notifications, work, check-in.

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