How to create a Collective Token?
Receive an invite from Team Underdog via PUP Collective Token
Tony or Kevin will send this to you via email, twitter, or Personal DM
We will need your personal SOL address so we can send you SOL to claim the token
Claim Token
You will only have to press claim & accept transaction (this will cost <.01 SOL)
Select Create Collective
Name: [Club Name]
SMBL: [First Initial]
Description: “ this is a membership card. This gives you access to…” give them the freedom to choose
Image: Upload Logo
Mint Collective Token
Schedule time with Team UP to onboard the club :)
Why Create a Collective Token?
You’re able to engage with communities and individuals in a more meaningful way than you could in web2.
The no-brainer is via token gating. Open communities can be messy, with no engagement, and confusing. By token gating a community you are able to:
Connect like-minded individuals with each other
Ensure that proper screening of all members through skills/credentials/ SBTs has been met
Quantify the value of contributors and members within your community through P2P credentials
How to engage with members through UP Dashboard?

Video Version
Engaging through Tokens in your Admin Dashboard

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