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Remote Team Retrospectives Made Simple
Hi there, welcome to our Remote Team Retrospective Toolkit!
This Coda Doc was created to help guide remote teams through the retrospective process. It’s meant to be a “living document” that can be used repeatedly by a team as for their retros and track their action items.
If you are part of an agile scrum team, you understand that continuously reflecting on the past is key to improving how the team delivers features and functionality. Retrospectives are an effective way of getting the team’s input on how to do things better, and it does so by allowing the team to brainstorm ideas, discuss the most pressing issues in detail, and create action items to drive continuous improvement.
At , we embrace retrospectives, and normally do them “old school” using permanent markers and sticky notes. As COVID-19 hit, we transitioned to working fully remote, and had to come up with new ways to do our retros effectively. That’s where this Coda Doc comes in, where teams can repeatedly run their retrospectives and track the actions necessarily to make improvements.

This Doc breaks the retrospective (retro) process into 6 simple steps:

Configure (the retro)
Choose from a predefined set of schemes & categories, or create your own categories
Add team members to the retro
Brainstorm (ideas)
Group (into themes)
Vote (on themes)
Discuss (and create actions)
Review Actions

👉 Ready to start your retrospective?

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