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Some Coda docs I have been working on

So far my team & I have used Coda to develop the following:
FYI I have not shared any of these docs yet as they each contain information that must be scrubbed before sharing. I will be sharing all of these eventually. Contact me for more information about any of these.
For Work:
An Application Inventory. I work with a mid-sized State Agency and we have over 100 COTS and custom-built web applications. This doc helps us manage our inventory and derive aggregate information from it, including the databases each is attached to and the servers to which they are deployed, last deployment dates (I’m still working on automating this).
An expenses tracking system for my bureau. Tracks Expenses, type, category and vendor. Includes reminder notifications as subscriptions and other yearly items become due. Still under construction.
A contracts, projects and contractors tracking system for my agency. Tracks Contracts, Contract amendments and Purchase Orders through the approval process and throughout their lifetimes. Provides status report data entry for Hourly contractors and sums their hours by Project, Contractor, Vendor, PO Line Item and contract deliverable. Provides Project Portfolio functionality and individual project tracking. Still under construction.
A solution that tracks Notices of Violation and subsequent enforcement actions for our Air Quality Bureau. This one is really nifty as it utilizes data APIs to keep the tables updated from the System of Record in our Oracle Database.
For Personal Use:
A Rental Property Tracking System. Tracks renters, deposits, rent received, late fees, repair items to address and work already complete, including the contractors used and materials purchased. Still under construction.
A contracts tracking database. My significant other meets a great many people in the course of her work and needed a system to track people she’d met, elements of the conversations she’d had with them, friends they had in common and other information. She hadn’t found any CRM systems that suited her needs and so we built this system to address her need.
A website Administration tracking system. A side business I run requires that I keep track of almost 200 web domains, their registration renewals, DNS settings, what servers they have been deployed to, what blogs or websites is on each, and admin dashboards for all of the above.

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