The Yazi Story

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Yazi Overview

📅 Official date Tim became founder: 1 May 2022

Description of Yazi from 1 May 2022 - 31 Dec 2023

💼 Business model: Selling targeted survey respondents
A market research platform that allows you to survey a targeted audience segment that is typically hard to reach digitally by utilising our research panel. Surveys run entirely through WhatsApp (app with highest penetration rate in SA), allowing access to a much larger segment whilst also being faster, more cost-effective and highly personalised.
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Description of Yazi from 1 Jan 2024 - NOW

💼 Business model: WhatsApp research platform Saas (’WhatsApp SurveyMonkey’)
Yazi is a market research platform specialising in qualitative data collection through WhatsApp integration, aimed at serving market research agencies in emerging markets. It allows for the creation and deployment of surveys via a WhatsApp bot, ensuring access to a broad and engaged audience. With Yazi, agencies benefit from a diverse array of question types, including text, multiple-choice, and media inputs, to gather comprehensive qualitative insights. Clients are set up with their own WhatsApp number, enabling personalised onboarding that aligns with their specific needs. The platform's efficient AI analysis and low data usage, coupled with incentives for participants, facilitate widespread engagement. Yazi is tailored for agencies that prioritise accurate, in-depth market insights without unnecessary complexity.
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The next three pages outline my thinking and path to realising that selling Yazi to a market research agency or SaaS company is the best path forward.


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