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Rules / Spirit
Our motto: No injuries, call fouls
Games should be competitive and fun, but never _entirely_ about winning
When defending, only reach for the ball - not the person
Defending should focus on how you move your feet, not your arms (keep your hands in the air - swatting at someone should not be a go-to move)
If you jump to contest, stay in your “cylinder” (imagine you’re inside a vertical tube)
When defending the ball handler stay in front of them and avoid pushing or moving into them from the side or back. If someone beats you to the net on a drive, avoid a desperate attempt to block them without positional advantage
Generally: If you are unsure whether something is overly physical or aggressive, don’t do it (feel free to ask Qs too!)
We generally don’t keep score, until the last 10-20 min of each game.

We play at Dovercourt BGC, located in Dovercourt Park a few blocks north of Bloor. You enter from Westmoreland and you’ll need to be buzzed in by reception. If you don’t get any luck with the buzz, message the group text or call someone inside to get in. Here’s where Dovercourt BGC is:

We pay for the rental on a monthly basis and don’t collect payments until the end of the month. At that point we average out how much it cost per person across all the available slots that month and then tell them how much to etransfer. We expect the cost per person per 1.5 hour slot will be around $8-9, but it can go up or down a bit depending or down depending on attendance.

What to bring
Please bring a black shirt and a white shirt. If you want to warm up, please bring a basketball!
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