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Wynd Deployment Internal

Halo Placement/Mounting

One of the most important parts of any deployment is the mounting of the Halos. Optically it is the first thing that people notice; it is what draws their attention. This means that it is of the utmost importance to mount the Halo in a way that is both functional and aesthetically appealing.

Halo Requirements:
The Halo will need a dedicated power source.
The Halo must have a strong Wi-Fi connection in order to pair and stay paired.
We recommend the use of a dedicated Wi-Fi hotspot.

What you’ll need:
Charging cable and adapter
Alcohol wipes/rubbing alcohol and towel
Utility knife or fret/wire saw (not pictured)
To cut the conduit/moulding
Measuring tape
Used to measure the height of the power outlet
Plastic conduit/Moulding
or equivalent
After height is measured, cut conduit so that the Halo will sit at the correct height.
3M Command Strips - Medium size
Can use Large size on the conduit if necessary


Prepping the conduit:

How to Mount:
Clean the back of the Halo using the alcohol wipes.
Clean the wall where the Halo and conduit are going to be placed.
The alcohol in the wipes can cause certain paints to melt. Either dilute the alcohol wipe or just use a wet cloth to clean the area. DO NOT USE THE ALCOHOL WIPES DIRECTLY ON THE PAINT.
This will be directly above the center of the power outlet.
Using a medium or large sized Command Strip, measure and cut the adhesive strip from the back of the conduit to match the size of the Command Strip, minus the Command Strip pull tab.
Conduit Adhesive.gif
In the end, the adhesive from the Command Strip should directly be touching the adhesive from the conduit.
Do this on both the top and bottom of the conduit.
Remove the adhesive backing on the Command Strips and place strips on the top and bottom of the conduit.
Face the tabs on the Command Strips inwards toward the center of the conduit.
At this point you will need to determine which side of the conduit that you want to be the top. Either side of the conduit works, this is just a matter of preference. Take two unused Command Strips and attach them using the Velcro to the Command Strips at the top and bottom of the conduit.
Open the conduit and place in the charging cable. You will need to fold the cable in order to hide it within the conduit. You will want to leave about 2-3 inches of cable hanging out of the bottom of the conduit so it may be plugged into the charging adapter. The top of the USB-C cable should just barely be sticking out so that the Halo will be flush with the top of the conduit.
It is much easier to place the cable inside of the conduit before you mount it on the wall.
Take the level and place it on top of the power outlet to confirm that it is level/flat. If it is, go to step 9a. If it isn’t go to step 9b.
Take a Command Strip and place it dead center directly above the power outlet.
If the outlet is level/flat, proceed to use the top of the power outlet and the flat side of the Command Strip to ensure that the conduit will be mounted on straight.
If the outlet is not straight, use the level to place the Command Strip, straight, onto the wall just above the power outlet.
Loosely attach the bottom side of the conduit to the Command Strip above the power outlet, while trying to keep the conduit as straight as possible.
Conduit bottom.gif
Remove the adhesive backing from the Command Strip attached to the top of the conduit. Using the level, make sure the conduit it straight and then firmly press the conduit against the wall.
Conduit Top.gif
Once the top of the conduit is firmly attached to the wall, you can firmly press the conduit at the bottom.
Stick two Command Strips on the wall about 1/2-1 centimeters above the top of the conduit with the tabs facing upwards.
On the back of the Halo, place 2 Command Strips in the center of the mounting plate about 1/2-1 centimeters above the flat edge (bottom) of the mounting plate with the tabs facing upwards. Take the Halo (with mounting plate attached) and plug in the USB-C cable on the bottom of the mounting plate. Place the Halo snug against the top of the conduit and press firmly.
Halo top.png
Finally, plug in the charging cable into the adapter and plug the adapter into the power socket and turn on the Halo.

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