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Wynd Deployment Process- Internal
The Deployment process begins as soon as the potential client signs the proposal. There are three items that need to kitted & staged before they are even shipped to the customers site. Note *This is the order in which the Wynd Deployment team prepares them but they can be kitted & staged in any order*
Q/A Check Halos for their accuracy
Update Halos to the latest enterprise firmware (HAL_k2_1.2_387)
Write down Device ID for all Halo
Max Purifiers;
Q/A Test Max Purifiers for wifi pairing ability/sound
Plugin Max Purifier to power and pair using Python Script.
Print labels containing each Max Purifiers Device ID
Write down Device ID for all Max Purifiers
VeeaHub Hotspots;
Enroll VeeaHubs to our Wynd account
Subscribe VeeaHubs to 4G LTE
Products are kitted and staged to VeeaHubs
Cut conduit to correct customer site size
Apply command strips onto both sides of the conduit
Pull Halo charging cable through the conduit strip
Post Kitting & Staging;
Products are shipped to the client's address
Provide Software/Backend with an Excel spreadsheet containing all Device IDs and Room names so a database can be created for the Grafana dashboard
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