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The Multimedia House is a design studio and digital agency situated in Chandigarh, India, that assists businesses or ad/marketing agencies with their design, digital, and communication requirements. Because of the professionalism of our talented and knowledgeable employees, we are the top . The greatest designers in Chandigarh work for our firm. TMH is the best designing and printing company in Chandigarh. We print We design for you and for your business. Our team is the best in this profession as we are working for many years for the people.
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Here is some expertise of our company:

Brochure Making
Graphic Designing
Screen Printing
Packaging Design
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A unique selling proposition (Unique selling point) or differentiator that differentiates a good or service from the competition is communicated by branding.


Reproducing text and images on paper, usually with ink and a printing press, is known as printing. Prepress, Press, and Postures are the steps.

Brochure Making:

a specific kind of small magazine that promotes a brand or business through images and text. A brochure is alternately referred to as a "booklet."

Graphic Designing:

The production of visual compositions for the purpose of problem-solving and concept communication utilizing text, imagery, colors, and shape is known as graphic design.

Screen Printing:

A mesh is used in the screen printing technique to transfer ink onto a substrate, with the exception of locations where a blocking stencil has made the substrate resistant to the ink.

Packaging Design:

In order to make a product acceptable for marketing, packaging design combines colors, typography, and regulatory information with additional design components.
We do provide 100% satisfaction surety to our clients. At present there are 70+ clients joined us with their running projects and 3000+ projects cleared and finished with an accuracy of work with our expert workers.
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