Our business proposal and the Growth Points for MMM Express.


Input data about the company:
Client name: MMM Express
Number of trucks in the fleet: 55
Monthly goal: 60 owner operators (18” box trucks & Sprinters)
Number of recruiters: 1 full-time
Turnover: n/a
Applicant Tracking System: no
Google My Business reviews: 4.7
Indeed reviews: 4.9
Glassdoor reviews: 4.6
Facebook business page: low activity
LinkedIn page: low activity

We have conducted an audit of MMM Express recruiting activities online. We’ve got vast experience with CDL drivers, but we’ve not launched ads for hiring Box truck and Sprinter drivers yet. So, we suggest launching and testing Facebook ads just for 3 weeks with the total budget of 2500 dollars. Our services are paid separately, prices you can find below. After receiving the first applications we will understand if Facebook ads fit this case. If yes we will continue getting you a flow of interested drivers, build an IT recruiting system and help you reduce your hiring costs.

In our agency’s history no client has ever stopped working with us because we always do our best to provide our clients with a constant flow of drivers. If Facebook ads don’t work for hiring Box truck and Sprinter drivers we will let you know asap after tests are over.

So, we need the first 3 weeks to test Facebook ads, but if we get strong positive results earlier than 3 weeks, we will notify you and will be ready to scale our efforts immediately.

Steps and time tracking:
Start date
End date
Additional info
Collection of information
Pay rates, hiring location, offer strong points
Ad designing
Collection of information and Design
Facebook Leadform setup
Designing and questions
Facebook ADS setup
Business Manager
There are no rows in this table

Gantt Chart (updated online):
Collection of information
Ad designing
FB Leadform Setup
FB ADS setup
Nov 1
Nov 8
Nov 15
Collection of information
Ad designing
FB Leadform Setup
FB ADS setup

Payment details

Facebook Ads paid separately. Considered budget for FB ads for the first 3 weeks is 2500 dollars. Payments for Facebook ads will be charged from your card for full control of your costs. You’ll start Facebook payments only after we set up everything on our side, i.e. after Facebook ADS setup is done.

Leadgamp services paid separately. Estimated cost of our services for 3 “test weeks” starts from $1325. We need the first 3 weeks to launch Facebook ads, get first leads and analyze its performance.

Specialists Required:
Hours estimated
$, Total
Team Leader
Manager / Copywriter
Media Buyer
Graphic Designer
There are no rows in this table

Every task by every specialist will be evaluated in a timely manner and reported to you at the end of the each step.

Our services for the fist 3 weeks are paid in advance, and on a "pay-as-you-go" basis monthly thereafter.

Why Leadgamp?

Facebook ads on a professional level. Why do our ads really differ?

We design ads focusing on drivers’ core pains and challenges. We have conducted a research based on all our communication with 130+ thousand drivers for three years to understand what is really important for drivers while choosing a job. It makes our ads relevant and cost effective;
Our designers create new ads for our current clients and we’re constantly testing them to get better results;
We always fine tune ad campaigns to make them as cost effective as possible. Thus, we avoid mistakes that 80% of agencies still make. We also connect Tenstreet with Facebook so that the algorithms find the most relevant drivers and show your ads to them.
Check out a couple of examples of ads we’ve launched for some of our clients:

1 25.jpg
2 1.jpg
3 1.jpg

ђЃ™†ѓ-®≠бв† 1.jpg

If it performs well, we suggest you the following services to optimize your driver recruiting:

1. Applicant tracking system setup.

According to Tetiana, MMM Express doesn’t use any special applicant tracking systems for processing candidates at the moment (like Tenstreet, DriverReach, etc). So, we may setup any ATS for you, train your recruiters to work with it. Proper work with applicant tracking system will automate 50% of your recruiters work and save their time for most relevant candidates;
If you use some other ATS, we may set up integration with Facebook so that leads go to ATS automatically. It will optimize your ads (make it more effective) and hiring process in general by saving your recruiters’ time (hence, your money);
Applicant Tracking System is the foundation for your future hirings because with the help of it you will grow your driver contact base and make most of each contact. Such a contact base (if it’s managed properly) would be a valuable asset for MMM Express.

2. Improving your response time.
Transactional emails/text messages
We have filled out an application on your website as a driver interested in working at MMM Express. In about 24 hours we received a text message and your recruiter attempted to call us. That’s rather good response time but if you will reach out to interested candidates immediately it will help you hire much more drivers.

So, we e suggest setting up automated transactional text messages and emails for MMM Express. Your candidates will submit a short application and right at that moment they will receive text messages/emails with a link to the full application. Thus, your recruiters wouldn’t spend time on sending text messages and emails - it will be done automatically.

This is our killer feature. No else in the industry has anything like this. This software tool automatically connects your recruiters with candidates in 30 seconds after filling a job application!

The Autocaller is the tool that has optimized all our clients’ hiring process a lot. So, we highly recommend you just to try it.

3. Optimizing your Facebook page

Setting up automated answers. If your potential drivers ask a question, they should get an immediate respond;
Creating content engaging drivers in order to build a loyal community around your brand. From our previous experience, in 2-3 months your content will start bringing you hires with minimum expenses. We have attracted in total about 50,000 active followers for our clients and a part of these followers has become their drivers.

Our work is transparent and measurable: you will be able to track it online

1. You’ll have an access to a dashboard with all the analytics (example below):

You will get access to the number of incoming calls, number of leads, cost per lead, ad design, drip campaigns effectiveness, etc.



We should mention that this proposal concerns help with hiring non-CDL drivers. If you need help with recruiting CDL drivers we need to draw up another proposal because we have extensive experience with this type of drivers and will not take time to test ads.

We’re looking forward to your response!

The Leadgamp team

Contact Information:
Customer Success
Terry Snyder

Email Address

Phone Number
+1 708 683 9951

Social Networks

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