The Growth Points for Hub Group's driver recruiting

Input data about the company:
Client name:
Hub Group
Number of trucks:
Weekly goal:
hiring 40 drivers
Number of recruiters:
12 recruiters
about 100%
Applicant Tracking System:
Google My Business reviews:
Indeed reviews:
Glassdoor reviews:
Facebook reviews:

As promised we have analyzed Hub Group’s online recruiting channels and the workflow and prepared an audit. This audit consists of analysis, growth points and recommendations. Our team sincerely hopes that it will help you in fighting your recruiting challenges!

Lack of drivers because many of them leave. To keep all trucks moving it’s necessary to hire
40 drivers weekly.

Solution & Growth points for Hub Group:

1. Improve and fine-tune your ad campaigns

We’ve noticed that you use Google Adwords, multiple job boards and Facebook ads. We used to test many channels for hiring drivers including most popular job boards, Bing, Google, TikTok, etc. but finally came to a conclusion that Facebook is one the best channels at the moment. Why? Just because about 85% of American truck drivers are active Facebook users. So, if Facebook ads are designed and set up correctly, it will perform better than any other channel.

Tips for top-performing Facebook ads:
We see that you’re running a lot of Facebook ads for hiring drivers from
. Based on our experience, it’s much better to launch ads from your own Facebook page but not from your agency’s one. The reason is simple: if you spend thousands of dollars on ads for hiring drivers, it’s pretty reasonable to make each dollar work for your brand, and not for your agency’s one, isn’t it? Thus, we recommend launching ads from your
page. In that case it will be easier to convert your growing brand awareness into a steady flow of relevant candidates.

Clicking on ads by CDLlife drivers get to landing pages like this:

Our experience shows that Facebook lead forms are more effective. A driver shouldn’t leave Facebook, he or she just quickly submits a short app and that’s it.

Nowadays Ad A/B-testing (visuals, texts, settings) is an attribute of good PPC-marketing. It really makes sense to ask your partner if they do something of this
Fine tune your ads to make them as cost effective as possible. We avoid typical mistakes - we show ads only to people from relevant locations
(and avoid overlapping of them)
, don’t show ads to your current/terminated/disqualified
, connect your ATS (like Tenstreet) with Facebook that also makes your ads perform better, etc.
Examples of ads we’ve launched for some of our clients

You feed your competitors with leads that you already paid for. Be aware or just stop it

A great part of our current clients was surprised to know that they help their competitors for free. Probably that’s not the case and you’re aware of this and even don’t mind but we’d like to mention that. Most US job boards resell drivers to your competitors even though those drivers submit an application
only in your favor.

When I as a driver submit my application to the Hub group for example on
they show me a thank you page where they try to recommend me other carriers:

Moreover they send me transactional SMS and Email (which is good in fact), but just after 5 min they are back again with other offers from other carriers:
Even if we miss about any moral component this’s just useless for carriers to follow this model - drivers are more frustrated than interested to proceed with the hiring process.

2. Make more of your Tenstreet contact base

We see that you use Tenstreet but we cannot analyze your work there without having an access to your account.
If you wish we can sign an NDA and you can grant us with access there without a possibility to download any files (your Tenstreet rep should know how to do that).

But basically the majority of recruiters use Tenstreet ineffectively and it results in many problems like:

Recruiters reach out to candidates for too long;
It’s impossible to draft relevant messages for drip campaigns;
It’s impossible to launch an effective remarketing campaign;

We decided to share a checklist that we created for our clients.

Follow these rules and use Tenstreet for 100%:

Create customized statuses & tags
that are adjusted to your needs and don’t follow a default set of them;
Develop clear instructions for your recruiters to use customized tags;
Specify the reasons
how drivers should be categorized when they can’t join Hub Group
Follow drivers up when conditions change;
Hide irrelevant drivers from the database and exclude them from remarketing campaigns;
Avoid creating lead duplicates (which causes a lot of problems while analyzing the hiring funnel);
Send text messages that driver can reply to. Thus, you will set two-way communication with drivers (Use external services, Tenstreet hasn’t got such functions and has a lot of limitations);
Use conversion API. It will make your Facebook ad campaigns much more effective;
Review your job postings on a Pulse Match. It looks like right now some test postings are available for users (see the screenshot below). Plus this’s crucially important for Pulse Match to set locations for your jobs as precisely as it’s possible (avoiding overlapping).

Download a shorten version of this checklist as a file and master your Tenstreet base:
Tenstreet Checklist.pdf
693.7 kB

3. Reducing response time
Running effective ads to promote your jobs is not enough. You should also optimize the next step of hiring: reaching out to candidates.

Why is response time so important?
According to the research by Tenstreet, if you reach out to a candidate faster than in 5 minutes after applying, you’re much more likely to hire this driver.

We have analyzed how your recruiters respond to applicants:

Firstly, we filled out a short application on your
as a driver interested in working at Hub Group:

We’ve received an automatic email to a Spam folder (from the agency's domain
) with a link for an Intelliapp (Full version).
After 2 minutes we got an automatic email to the Inbox folder, but from the Tenstreet’s domain without a link for an Intelliapp.
So if a driver applies from your homepage, he/she doesn’t get a call from your recruiter, doesn’t get an SMS, and gets 2 transactional emails from different senders with different contact phone numbers which we believe can be pretty frustrating for drivers. It’s reasonable to send them one clear message with one clear call-to-action.

Secondly, we followed a link for an Intelliapp and filled it out after which :

We received an automated email from Tenstreet;
Your recruiter called us in about 3 minutes.

All in all, your response time to Tenstreet application is great but it’s also necessary to connect with applicants who submit just their short app. Plus it’s reasonable to add transactional SMS messages which will increase a number of full apps drastically (text messages are more likely to be open by drivers than emails).
If you don’t have enough recruiting capacity for pre-qualifying calls with short apps we have a solution (see later under the
#6. Improving your hiring capacity: remote recruiting department)

Just see how we help our clients to reduce response time:

This is a software tool that automatically connects your recruiters with candidates in
seconds after they submit a job
It’s our self-developed tool and only our current clients have an access to it.

How Autocaller works:

Transactional emails/text messages

We noticed that you’re partnering with CDLlife and they send an automated email with the link to Hub Group’s Intelliap. That’s good but we also suggest you setting up automated text messages. Our own research has shown that drivers read text messages about
times more often than emails.

How it works: an interested driver fills out a short application on your website or on Facebook and immediately receives an automated text message and an email with the link for a full application.

If the driver doesn’t respond to you recruiter’s calls, he or she is automatically sent messages like this (several messages during a month)

In addition, drivers can respond to our automated emails and text messages (unlike emails from CDLlife). Thus, if a driver texts back with any questions, your recruiters
can respond directly from their Gmail interface due to special software
that we share with our clients.

If an
interested driver responds to your automated text message and in case if our system identifies particular keywords Autocaller instantly calls your recruiter and connects him or her with this driver. Here’s an example of such a message with keywords:
Thus, an interested driver immediately receives a call-back from your recruiter.

Chat/Callback on your website
We advise you to add a chat and callback to your website so that interested drivers can ask questions whenever they want and get quick response. See how it may look like:

4. Reporting & analytics

Dynamic reporting and analytics will help you to:
To understand what channel brings you more drivers (Facebook, job boards, organic search, etc.);
To see performance of your recruiters/safety/dispatchers;
To see how your budget is distributed between different channels;
As a result, you can refuse from ineffective channels and optimize your recruiting process.

We recommend you to do the following:
are well-designed but they also could have
Facebook pixel
, Facebook Conversions API and Google analytics installed. These tools are needed to track users’ behavior, collect data about those who view the page and fill out applications. It will help you fine-tune your ad campaigns, target them on interested and potentially interested candidates and make them perform better.
Create dynamic reports based on Tenstreet data (we use Google Data Studio). It will help you to track your recruiters’ performance and have a clear overview of your recruitment process.

From our conversation we understood that you have some problems with retention (like most carriers). So, that’s how we help our clients with retention:
We create dynamic reports showing in real time how many drivers leave your company and, moreover, how many drivers leave from each
/recruiter. Moreover, sometimes a recruiter can hire drivers of bad quality who leave after a short time. So, such reports will help you to diagnose problems in both recruitment and retention processes.
We help to implement Workhound - a platform for anonymous feedback from your drivers - so to analyze and prioritize your retention efforts. Such an approach has helped some of our clients.
We scrape all reviews about your company online (Google, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc.) and analyze this text data with the help of our self-developed code. This procedure helps to identify your weaknesses and find out what drivers like and dislike most about your company.

To give our clients a clear overview of their recruiting process, we’ve developed such a dashboard:

It gives you access to the number of incoming calls, number of leads, cost per lead, ad design, automated messaging and emailing campaigns effectiveness, etc.

All in all, “track, analyze, improve, repeat” is the best slogan for building a highly efficient recruiting department that will let you hire 40 drivers weekly and more - it depends on your budget and desire.

5. Optimizing your FB page to attract more drivers

Your Facebook page (
) looks pretty good but there are still some potential improvements.
We’d create a job post and pin it to the top of your page. Job post is needed to grab driver’s attention and motivate him or her to apply for a job with one single click (A job post isn’t the same as a usual one, it’s a special type of posts).
At the moment your page has a picture of trucks as a cover image:

The trucks looks nice, but it’s better to use a cover image to attract your potential driver’s attention and promote your job. That’s how we did it for one of our clients:

We’d set up frequently asked questions and automated responses on your Facebook messenger. An interested candidate should be able to ask any relevant question on your page and get immediate response even when your recruiters are not online. That’s how it works:

For some of our clients we’ve developed smart chatbots that automated communication with candidates on Facebook messenger. Thus, their recruiters have more time for live phone calls and talking to qualified candidates.
Your page has a “call now” button:
Based on our practice, such a button is not as effective as “Send message” button leading to FB messenger. Thus, a driver clicks on it, get an automated welcome message and asks questions. Facebook identifies keywords and send pre-set automated responses. If the driver is interested, application form is also sent automatically. As a result, a driver can get info and apply at any time. The simpler the process, the more applications you receive.

6. Improving your hiring capacity: remote recruiting department

We’ve noticed that your recruiters respond not to all applications:
On 8 December we filled out a short application as a driver on your landing page for hiring drivers. We’ve only received 3 emails and none has called us.

However, on December 13 we filled out a full app on your website and received a call from your recruiter in 2 minutes(!).

Thus, we came to a conclusion that your recruiters are primarily focused on full apps which is quite natural but they have no time to process leads. It results in missing relevant candidates and loss of money.

Firstly, implement analytics and reporting to evaluate your recruiters’ performance and try to optimize their work (see an example below):

Thus, our clients’ recruiters have started working much more effectively with our semi-automated recruiting system. That’s how their major responsibilities look now:
respond to all inbound calls, emails, text messages;
respond to Autocaller and connect with candidates;
2. call/text back to interested candidates who didn’t respond before for some reason;
3. set right Tenstreet tags & statuses to all drivers on Tenstreet so that our automated text messages and emails senders perform well;
4. respond to comments/messages on Facebook/Instagram

All other tasks are fulfilled automatically.

Secondly, we’d recommend you adding remote recruiters from Eastern Europe. How will you benefit from it?
One remote recruiter from Eastern Europe with good English verbal skills requires about $1,000/month. Talking about the US, a recruiting specialist there requires about $4,500/month. So, you can add a couple of recruiters for really low budget and they can be involved more in pre-qualifying calls.

For example, we built a remote recruiting department in Macedonia for one US carrier. We found recruiters, trained them and set up all the processes correctly. This department has been already working successfully for 3 years and hire 45-50 drivers monthly.

7. Improving your reviews in digital

Hub Group has a 50-year history and good reputation in logistics business. Why shouldn’t your reputation in digital be good as well?

We’ve found reviews about Hub Group as an employer and it seems that they are undeservedly bad. For example, here’s your I

Why is digital reputation important? According to our own 3 years experience of assisting US trucking companies, most candidates mention good reviews of the company online as one of the main reasons to join.

We have our own methodology of improving ratings. We decided to evaluate what results we might achieve for Hub Group
within 3 months

Facebook: 2.8 →
Indeed: 2.9 →
Glassdoor: 2.8 →
Truckersperort: 1 →
Careerbliss: 3.1 →

What is also important, it’s necessary to work with negative text reviews because many people read such reviews and trust them. That’s why it’s much better to have positive reviews at the top instead of negative ones. At the moment this review about Hub Group is the most popular on Indeed:

For our clients we mark positive reviews as ‘helpful’ and negative ones as ‘not helpful’. It allows us to keep positive reviews at the top of job boards reputation pages.

8. Social Media Marketing
We see that you regularly post on your Facebook and Instagram. Anyway, we’d add some diversity to your content plan and create posts that really engages drivers (funny videos, memes, lifehacks, etc.). The goal of such content is to build a loyal community around your brand and then convert your followers into your drivers.

Thanks for reading this big document! We hope this audit will be helpful for your business. Please, let us know what you think of it and let’s discuss. Looking forward to your response!

The Leadgamp team.

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Terry Snyder

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+1 708 683 9951

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