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Temi Isaac Labinjo

Temi Isaac Labinjo

Broad-minded full-stack developer, designer and creator

tel: +447984 673 288
Relevant Experience
Feb 2021 - present
Full stack developer, training and building in:
React JS, Typrescript, PostgreSQL, Express, Node JS, Jest, Cypress, HTML, CSS, GitHub,, Figma, JIRA, Heroku, Netlify
Rapidly assimiliated new technologies and built upon my knowledge of them with my own personal projects.
Worked in teams to deliver projects under workplace conditions, using CI/CD methods.
Developed leadership skills by coaching colleagues, practicing techniques learnt in leadership sessions.
Presentented technical ideas to faculty on numerous occassions, becoming confident in abstracting information to a suitable level for a given audience.
Learned independently, proactively seeking help when required.
Symphony Ventures
Sep - 2020 - Dec 2021
Consultant deployed in both (UiPath) developer and business analyst capacities to deliver novel RPA solutions.
UiPath, VB Net, Python, JIRA, BitBucket
Developed complex RPA solutions to a high standard with rigorous testing, using VB Net on the UiPath platform.
Managed complex client projects involving business-wide stakeholders, from conception to delivery and early life.
Ran discovery workshops from which multiple new opportunities were identified.
Throughly documented code and test results ensuring the right level of detail for the document purpose.
Looked for opportinities to improve how the team worked which led me to develop a data analytics tool, using Python.
Took on a mentee, whom I engaged on a weekly basis.
Worked remotely, with a high level of autonomy for the entirety of my tenure.
Embraced agile philosophy using the SCRUM methodology.
Final Year Project
Sep - 2019 - May 2020
Partnered with Rolls Royce to explore whether a better predictive model (and implementation thereof) for the degradation of the Trent 800 aero engine can be obtained using turbine temperature data.
Conducted a thorough literature review into gas turbine prognostics, making use of books, journals, documentaries and people.
Approached the issue from a filtering and regression standpoint.
Implemented variations of adaptive Kalman filters using MATLAB, as well as benchmarking with moving linear least squares.
Implemented a novel Bayesian online change point detection algorithm.
Described the remaining useful life of a turbine using the Bernstein distribution.
Presented findings to an academic panel, which was well received.
Identified a number of opportunities to be explored going forward.
Sep 2018 - Sep 2019
Worked in the Mindsphere Innovation Network with academics and Siemens customers to develop innovative IIoT solutions and projects using Mindsphere- Siemens’s flagship industrial cloud platform.
Javascript, HTML, CSS, CloudFoundry
Designed, developed and deployed web applications on Mindsphere using Javascript, HTML, CSS and Cloud Foundry.
Engaged academics and customers to co-create digital solutions for real issues such as indeterminable quality in water networks, and poor urban air quality.
Onboarded university machines to Mindsphere to analyse and visualise gathered insights using the platform.
Worked in a team to develop an entry for the Digital Innovation Challenge and presented it at the Industry 4.0 Summit & Expo. Contributed by developing the Mindsphere web application.
Lead the planning and delivery of a national symposium in Sheffield.
Supported students by delivering presentations on Mindsphere and Industrie 4.0 and acting as a consultant for the Engineering Leadership Academy
Jul 2017 - Sep 2017
Worked in the Special Projects Team, tasked with developing (IoT) innovations that could significantly increase revenues and ensure long-term profitability in current or adjacent markets.
Conducted extensive market research to gain awareness of existing wireless network protocols in the IoT sphere.
Boosted team efficiency by employing lean techniques.
Designed a scientific experiment in which I tested RF hardware and Texecom’s in-house network protocol.
Developed a java GUI using data from the experiment that could estimate RF performance, given some inputs.
Submitted a document detailing a strategic plan I proposed for the company.

Education & Qualifications
The University of Sheffield
Sep 2015 - Sep 2020
1st Class Honours in aerospace Engineering MEng (with year in industry), avionincs & flight controls stream

Key modules
Data Modelling & Machine Learning,
Advanced Control,
Testing & Verification in Safety-Critical Systems,
Advanced Space Systems,
Industrial Training Programme
Significant Achievements
Represented UoS in Universities Business Challenge
Participated in Global Startup Weekened
Tutored university students in mechanics and control systems

Hitchin Boys’ School
Sep 2013 - July 2015
Geography: A
Mathematics & Mechanics: B
Physics: C
Distinction *
Significant Achievements
Deputy head boy and head of charity operations.
Founded Hitchin Boys Charity Committee and raised over £10,000.
Student mentor
Freman College
Sep 2011 - July 2013
11 grades from A* - A, including English (literature and language), Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Significant Achievements
Awarded ‘Science Student of the Year’ for outstanding performance twice consecutively
Personal Interests
Reading & Writing
I love words, telling stories and exchanging ideas. As a consequence, I enjoy reading and writing. You’ll find me reading around themes that interest me, both fiction and non-fiction. Lately, this has involved leadership, relationships, programming. You’ll also find me writing out my thoughts about what I’ve read, journalling and writing short stories and poetry.
A hobbyist musician, I love producing instrumentals, singing, playing guitar and writing songs. My favourite genres to make are hiphop, neo-soul, alt-r&b, EDM, jazz and classical. A pipe dream of mine is to one day compose for film, and to create emotive art.
Photography & Cinematography
In my 2nd year of university, I fell into a YouTube rabbit-hole and discovered an appreciation for photography, cinematography and visual storytelling. I promptly bought a camera and I’ve been dabbling ever since. I’m well versed in using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.
I play an active role in my church, where I lead, teach and serve a cell group of some amazing people. We meet regularly and have a great time. I’ve also tutored mathematics (primary to A-Level), and currently have one student due to time. I enjoy building and being part of a community.
I find excercise liberating. You’ll often catch me on a run, walk, or playing football with friends. I’m past my glory days, but I still get a kick out of it. (Excuse the pun).

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