Find My Prom Dress


Mission Statement

"Find My Prom Dress" empowers young women to discover their perfect prom attire through a seamless, supportive, and engaging online experience. Our mission is to simplify the journey to finding a dream dress by providing a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that connects customers with an extensive range of formal wear options.

Screens & Features

User Facing Features

Home page

Inspiration from Queenly - a formal dress resale website.
Screenshot 2023-11-04 at 10.57.06 AM.png
inspiration from lyst - similar concept but for luxury fashion
Multi-modal Search bar (image, voice)
trending dresses display
sort of like a for you page of dresses
featured retailers and brands

Search Results Page

List of dresses with images and quick view options
filter and sort functionality (new arrivals, popularity, price low to high, etc)
save/favorite option for dresses

Dress Detail Page

multiple images with zoom feature
dress details (fabric, care, sizes, color options)
size recommendation based on measurements, suggested size
option to view in store availability
social sharing
related dresses suggestions
price comparison between stores
virtual try on button

Virtual Fitting Room

User can upload a photo of themselves to see what the dress looks like on
virtual stylist chatbot
Size prediction based on machine learning algorithms

User Account Area

profile management (sizes, preferences, past searches, etc)
user public profile
wishlist/favorites section
appointment bookings history
virtual fitting room (view previous try ons, saved measurements)
user reviews and upload photos

Appointment booking system

calendar integration for available slots
option for virtual appointments via video call
reminder notifications
retailer information and prep tips

Community Social Features

(A good example of what we’re looking for)
user-generated content sections (photos, short form video, stories)
Q & A section for prom-related discussions
Option to share “prom looks” and vote for favorites


secure payment processing
Order summary with product details, pricing, and delivery options
Customer information form and order confirmation

Business Facing Features

Retailer Dashboard

simple inventory management
appointment scheduling and management
analytics (views, clicks, bookings, etc)
chat system for customer inquiries
promotions nad advertisements management

Inventory Management System

simple upload csv to mark products as “in stock” on our search engine
near real time updates on dress stock
size and color variations management
price setting and updates
upload feature for new dresses

Analytics & Reporting

traffic reports (how many users viewed or favorited items)
Conversion tracking (how many views led to appointments or purchases)
Insights into popular styles and customer preferences

Marketing Tools

option to feature dresses on the home page or in searches
Email marketing integration for promos and updates
coupon and discount code generators

Customer Interaction Tools

Live chat support for customer inquiries
Appointment confirmation and follow up system
feedback and review solicitation

Technical & Support Features

Login & Sign up

login and sign up pages for users
Business Profile claim page for retailers/businesses to sign up and login to their dashboards

Help & Support Center

FAQ section for users and retailers
Ticketing system for issues and support requests
Live chat support with customer service represenatives
tutorial video and articles for using platform features


We don’t have any established branding, but this is the “vibe” we’re going for. Modern-vintage glam western. Very fun, youthful, and playful.





Primary Users:

Age: 14 - 19 years old, aligning with high school students who are the primary attendees of prom events.
Profession: Mostly students; could also include young professionals who are recent graduates looking for formal wear for other occasions.
Interests: Fashion, social media, trends in beauty and attire, and events like proms, homecoming dances, and formal parties.
Location: United States, Canada, UK
Socio-Economic Status: Given the focus on prom dresses, users might come from a range of economic backgrounds, with features accommodating various budgets.

Secondary Users (Influencers and Decision-Makers):

Parents: Who may pay for the prom dress and be involved in the decision-making process.
Age: 30s to 50s
Profession: A wide range, but they will be the ones with purchasing power.
Interests: Value for money, convenience, and the safety/quality of online transactions.

Tertiary Users (Retailers and Brands):

Retail Business Owners: Boutique and store owners looking to expand their market reach.
Professionals in Fashion: Individuals or companies specializing in women's formal wear.
Interests: Trends in fashion retail, e-commerce, and digital marketing strategies.
Location: United States, Canada, and UK
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