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Preset Manager issues

Preset Manager issues

Meeting was held on Wednesday, June 194:00 – 4:30pm with Amit Kaspi
3 major upcoming projects were discussed: Site Map, % to SPX and Max Width.
Jira: Screenshot upload when resaving -
No preset preview in the Manager - Fixed Broken Again
Exp/Exp-off not showing
Experiment array issue
(Add Exp-Off for Albums)

We are increasing with 3 more cases of saving kind of presets- see below. We need to consider permissions or seperation of products to reduce errors.
New added groups:
DM () is POCing saving entire pages for TPA installation flow.
Studio - Site Map() is adding more presets for site-map feature, for creating variation of structure base sites.
Blocks () is adding the blocks presets template flow, for creating widget from kind of template that includes the Velo code, panels, etc.

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