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Senior Software Engineering Manager

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Scope of Opportunity
Level of Impact
This role will be in close partnership with Stacie Barnier - Principal Product Manager - so there is a lot of opportunity to define and build in a new space

Growth Potential
We are looking to scale the team up - initially from 4-9 - and then in the future spin out a new additional team/capability for Care Pathways (currently in discovery)

What are Goals, Actions & Rewards?
The Goals, Actions & Rewards team are building Babylon's next-gen digital product experience - we support our patients in making step changes to manage and improve their health - we do this by setting clinically guided incremental goals whilst using rewards & incentives to encourage positive behaviour change.

What's great about this team?
As a brand new team - this is a great opportunity to have an impact on driving better health outcomes for our members across the world. You will work closely with clinicians, product managers, designers and researchers to define, shape and deliver the product - whilst owning the technical direction and strategy.

Technical innovation is at the heart of everything we do, pushing the boundaries on modern patterns to iterate healthcare experiences at speed. This team builds on a world class mobile platform using React Native and Typescript. Our backend services are built within a Java event-driven data mesh architecture, applying domain driven design principles - and serving APIs via GraphQL federation.

Base Salary: $230,000
New Hire Equity Grant: $230,000 (100% of Base)
Babylon New Hire equity grants are made in the form of Restricted Stock Units (RSUs). RSUs are a form of equity compensation issued by Babylon. We grant RSUs at no cost to you.

Your New Hire Equity Grant: 100% of Base Salary

How your RSUs are calculated
Babylon’s Board meets once a quarter to determine that quarter’s “grant price”. Generally speaking, the grant price equals the 3 month trailing average of our stock price.
Dividing your new hire equity grant value by the grant price determines the number of RSUs you receive.
Vesting Schedule for your RSUs
Your RSUs vest over a four-year period, while you’re employed with Babylon
RSUs have no value until vesting is achieved
At vesting, the RSUs are “settled” in shares of Babylon’s Class A common stock. As a result, if you satisfy the vesting period, you will receive shares, which will always have some value
For new hires, 25% of a grant’s RSUs vest one year from the vesting commencement date. The remaining 75% vest evenly over the following 12 quarters (please see timeline below)
Your vesting commencement is not your start date. It is the date when our Board determines the grant price for the current quarter
Vested RSUs are yours to keep without any conditions
If you leave Babylon before full vesting in a given equity grant, you forfeit your unvested RSUs
Annual RSU Refreshes
100% Performance Based Allocation. Your annual RSU refresh amount will vary, is determined by your manager, and is dispensed from the allotted annual RSU refresh “pool” they have for their team(s)
You qualify for annual RSU refreshes on your 2nd anniversary (please see framework below)
Vests Quarterly, over four years, with no cliff
New Hire Equity and Annual Refresh Framework

This example assumes you were hired in April of 2022


Total Compensation Years 1-4

Year 1: $287,500 (Base + 25% of New Hire Equity)
Year 2: $287,500 (Base + 25% of New Hire Equity)
Year 3: $316,250 (Base + 25% of New Hire Equity + 1st Refresh)
Year 4: $345,000 (Base + 25% of New Hire Equity + 1st & 2nd Refresh)
Babylon 2022 US Benefit Guide Final.pdf
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Fitness Program
833.3 kB
Unlimited PTO
We believe that taking time away from work is essential for Babylonians to rest and recharge, which in turn will help you to continue dreaming big, building fast and being brilliant. For months now you have been hearing about our new approach to time off and while we finalize the details, we are delighted to introduce BBLN-Leave from January 1st, 2022 and provide the key principles below.
Flex Time off
Who does this apply to? Babylonians who work full-time and don’t work to a predetermined schedule or on specific days
What is Flex Time off and what does this mean for me? You will be able to take paid time off when you need it, without waiting for PTO time to be accrued or managing a fixed number of days off. This will give you the flexibility and autonomy to take what you need to suit your individual circumstances
How will this work? We won’t be limiting the time you take off as leave each year within reason; we expect Babylonians to exercise judgement in the performance of their roles and to work with their managers when requesting time off under this new approach. You and your manager will need to align in advance to ensure there is sufficient coverage for business continuity and your time off is approved and recorded in ADP

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