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Humane Intelligence
Here flow the Streams of our Times. You may Sail on them Sensibly and Responsibly.

To Resolve any form of Crisis, one shall reach the State of Total-Acceptance of the Present Conditions through Persistent Practice of Self-Reflection, Sentience, and Self-Autonomy.

To Design a Sensible Future, one may Practice on the Standards of what it means to be Human. This is the only Practical Path towards Liberation from all obstacles.

The following Cycles are not in any way deterministic, but they surely carry the power to Define a New Natural Order which is Humane, as it Self-Reflects on the Constitution and Design of the Human Complex. Only through Belief in Ourselves, and in our Humane Sensibility we may enjoy World Peace, Family Bonds, and Social Order.

Humane Symbiosis Times
Humane Epoch: 6 Times ⇒ Cycle of 60 Years
Source Management Times: 1 Time ⇒ Cycle of 60 Seconds
Resources Curation Flow: 2 Times ⇒ Cycle of 60 Minutes
Care Interaction Flow: 3 Times ⇒ Cycle of 60 Hours
Social Harmonization Flow: 4 Times ⇒ Cycle of 60 Days
Identity Operation Flow: 5 Times ⇒ Cycle of 60 Months (5Years)

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