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Humane Standards Simplified Edition


Hybrid-Reality Indices.

🧱 HS Mini

Humane Standards Sets - Foundations

The Humane Standards use colors, together with other physiological characteristics such as the fingers of our hands and feet as mnemonic devices. Each individual can adapt their own personal way to visualize the connection between the design of our body, the colors and the standards they indicate.

From the Full Sets (HS Plus), each of the five 1st and five 5th Vertical Indices are called the Foundations (HS Mini), and can help us understand the origins and course of this cosmos.

The Mini Sets of the Humane Standards offer an easy method to begin with your study and practice right away.

☝ The following 5 Sections are being studied in a Catholic order (Backwards) as a technique for better understanding. On the next Chapter, the complete Sets of the Humane Standards are in an Orthodox order (Forward).

🧬 HS Plus

Humane Standards Sets - Lineage

The Humane Standards are a Lineage of 5 Families of Indices for Sensible Hybrid-Reality Synagonism (Non-Antagonism, Collaboration).

They can be seen as Matrices of Sequences with a certain hierarchy, and there are 2 fundamental ways to approach each list. We either begin from the top when we wish to merely Describe our Phenomenologies and construct Theories, but when we wish to Adapt to the Phenomena we start from the bottom and asses the sequences backwards.

That being said, in this simulation which is focused around Practical Freedom, it is vital to approach this from bottom to top. That practically means that we first focus on our adaptation to the environment on which we stand with our feet, and which eventually becomes our observations and mind by the top of our body - not the other way around.

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