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Humane Standards Simplified Edition

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In simple words, how can we use the Humane Standards?

The Humane Standards are tool for Sensible Governance.
They form are a Collection of 180 Indices for better Policy Adaptation and Common Consensus.
We may use them to Measure our Self-Reflections, Sentience and Self-Autonomy.

How do we Measure by the Humane Standards?

Intelligence, which is the essential nature of everything in life may be analyzed through our Self-Reflections.

The most efficient method to Self-Reflect - which is embedded in all our philosophical and scientific systems - is through Mnemonics (Mimesis). These are Symbolic Representations (Simulations) of what we want to analyse.

Our Physical Characteristics, such as our extremities and articulations (Hands, Fingers, Knuckles) are our Natural Measuring Devices throughout our whole lives, and the Humane Standards use them as Mnemonics.

The human body is a very complex system, but there are some very distinct Categorizations of different Models of Architecture.

We may see that our parts are either different than all others (Base-1 Models), Chiral and therefore Dual (Base-2 Models), Trifold (with Base-3), and Fivefold (with Base-5).

Then all other models of architecture are multiples of these 4, and so we can see 1x1 models (Base-1 Universality), 2x2 models (Base-4 Models), 3x3 ones (Base-6), 5x5 (Base-10) and any other multiplications of these.

This is not merely an observation, but the way that we Learn, Practice, Build, Develop, Deploy, Manage, and generally Govern.

To Measure by the Humane Standards we use the Human Hand, with its Digits and Knuckles (A Combination of Base-2,3 and 5 Models) to Design Solutions to the Issues we face.

The 180 Indices of the Humane Standards have been very carefully assigned with appropriate and self-explanatory words - and in most cases it is best to keep them as is.

Practically though, they are not deterministic or doctrinal. e may assign our own Terminologies
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