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Humane Standards Simplified Edition

How to Read this Playbook

This book might be small, colorful and simplified for Play – but it still demands our utmost attention while reading.


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There is a possibility you might get stuck, tired or lost.

It is important to take your time, but also keep going.

There is no need to try to understand everything from the first reading. After all, this book is made to be opened again and again as a manual, and not like a one-time entertainment or a boring scientific thesis.

Speed-Reading it

Whenever you don’t have much time to invest, you can speed-read the book and have an overall idea of its contents and tools.

To do so, you may start reading the following:

do - You shouldn't hesitate to read anything more that grabbed

Deeper Coverage

When you’ll finish with speed-reading, it is rather important to plan your time for the study of the rest of the Playbook:

Playful Practice

After you’ve managed to gain a Coherent understanding of the contents of this Playbook, through the previous steps – it’s time to play!

You may open your notebook next to this Playbook and revisit the sections which are relevant to what you currently care about.

Then dedicate a section from your notes to make a Humane Symbiosis Format that solves something through better organization.


As part of your Practice, you may visit the Deployment Section. In there you are Free to Play Seriously and Fairly with the support of the Humane Standards. It is in our own powers to Ethically shape our Society in a State of Indefinite Prosperity.

It's important to Remember that this is your Personal Research surrounding your True Identity and Powers. So, it is your responsibility to acquire Literacy in the Standards of what it means to be Human. You may take your time to finish the whole book with a Playful attitude, and a reassurance that those parts which seem difficult or distant to you – will be understood when the time is right.

That’s all!
Have a pleasurable ride.

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