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Humane Standards Simplified Edition


Hybrid-Reality Symbiosis Standardization - Social Imaginary Significations - Early Release
Adam Apricot
The Scope of the Humane Standards is to Constitute Ethical Eco-systemic Synagonism (Natural Governance) through Self-Reflection, Sentience, and Self-Autonomy.

“This is my Personal Playbook containing the total spectrum of my Humane Abilities and Capabilities. You are Free to Copy it and make it yours, as we are all in this Together. By being Human, we may All get Better Together - in Peace, Order, and as a Family. 🙏 ”

🧰 Contents

✨ Bonus Material

The Humane Standards
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👉 This Playbook is a Digital Publication aiming to stand as an introductory Documentation for the Pure Ontological Set of our NEW Humane Standards.

⌘ Humane Standards
S P R I N G 2 0 2 1 - G R E E C E
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