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Random word generator for storywriting

Random word generator for storywriting

Unique writing practice prompts so you can develop your creative storytelling skills

One of the best ways to improve our writing skills is to write more—whether we’re writing marketing copy, honing our storywriting skills, or preparing to write a novella.

Use this tool to generate a set of random words you can use as prompts for your next writing exercise. We’ve included a list of nouns, adjectives, and locations. All you need to do is click on each of the buttons below to generate your unique set of words. Once you’re done, clear all the words to generate a new set of words!

How to get started
First, click ‘Generate a new set of prompts’
Then, choose one Noun, one Adjective, and one Location by clicking each of the corresponding buttons once each. Tip: Best to limit your exercise to no more than 3 nouns, 1 adjective, and 1 location to force yourself to be more creative.
Give yourself a time limit by setting the timer below using the slider and click Start timer once you’re ready. Tip: 5 minutes is an ideal time. The shorter the time, the more creative you’ll have to be. Right-click the slider to edit timer settings.
Click ‘Start a new writing session’ once you’re ready, then start writing!
Here are some ideas to help you start writing:
Try to write a sentence using all selected words
Use the first word in a sentence, then use that sentence to write a short story, incorporating more words as you go along
Use all the words in a story title or main plot of a story
Keep writing. Don’t stop writing until your timer runs out. Don’t fuss about line breaks, etc. If you must, however, use Shift+Return.

Don’t worry if your sentences or stories aren’t completely logical or realistic. Sometimes, this helps us develop our creative muscles!

Note: In order to save your work and customize the word lists on the page, you’ll need to make a copy of this doc:
make a personal copy

Generate a new set of prompts

Step 1. Select a few random words as writing prompts
Tip: Best to limit your exercise to no more than 3 nouns, 1 adjective, and 1 location to force yourself to be more creative

Pick noun
Pick an adjective
Pick a location

You’ve picked
Adjectives, and
hiking trail

Step 2. Set a time limit:

Step 3. Start writing!
Use the current word prompts, or click ‘Generate a new word set’ above to create a new set.

Start new writing session
No items available

Want to print your doc?
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Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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