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Simple Medication Tracker App
Simple Medication Tracker App

Setup & Instructions

Start by making a copy of this doc—or none of the information or timers you create will be saved. When prompted to sign-in up for the Coda app, know that it’s free to use and that none of your personal information is read by humans at Coda. Once you’ve made your personal copy, go to the top-left of the page to rename it and make it your own!

Make a copy of this tracker

Important: Once you’ve made a copy of this page, check the URL of your copy to make sure it has a ‘/d’ after (as in and is not the ‘published link’ (, which is a ‘view only’ mode. If you use the published, view-only version of this doc, none of the information or timings you’ve set up will be saved.

Get started in 3 easy steps

1. Enter your prescription details
Start by filling out the details for each medication you’ve been prescribed by your doctor at the moment in the ‘My prescription details’ table (in the ‘My prescription details’ table below), including the:
Medicine name
Milligrams (Mg) per dosage
Maximum dosages
Minimum time between dosages
Other important notes—additional information/instructions/warnings from the doctor/pharmacist. Note: It’s critical that you only take what’s necessary and take proper precautions to ensure you takethe right medication, the right dosages, at the right time. See for more info.

Important: Any information currently in this tracker is just sample information. Please replace it all with your own prescriptions.

☝️ Please confirm that the information you've entered is accurate.

My prescription details
Mg per dose
Max dosages
Min time between doses (hrs)
Other important notes
Not on an empty stomach
Add medication
Add medication
Add medication
Add medication
Add medication
There are no rows in this table

Once you’ve entered all the medication details in the ‘My prescription details’ table, you’re set! All the other details will automatically be updated for you!

2. Start the timer immediately after you’ve taken a dose of medicine
Click ‘Start timerimmediately after you’ve taken the prescribed dosage.

The start time is automatically entered for you, but you’re free to manually update the start time if necessary. Either way, the end time is automatically calculated for you—based on your start time and the dosage schedule you’ve entered. (The ‘End time’, however, cannot be manually updated).

Important: Please check (and double-check) to make sure all the dosages, minimum times between doses, and Start/End times you’ve entered are accurate. The value of this tool depends entirely on the accuracy of the information you enter.

Return this page to check when it’s safe to take your next dose. You can do this from your desktop/laptop computer or phone.

How to access this Medication Tracker from your phone
Open your personal copy of this page from any browser on your phone by clicking the following link: . You can also use your browser’s page-sharing function to automatically send the page URL to your phone via email, Airdrop, or any other messaging app also accessible from your phone. Tip: To turn this tool into more of an ‘app’ on our phone, save it as a bookmark shortcut on your home screen (on any
or on phone or tablet devices). Coda even uses the ‘timer’ icon near the page title as the app icon on your phone, so it’s easy to identify. Reminder: Again, make sure the link to the page you bookmark on your phone starts with ‘' and not ‘’, otherwise none of your information and timings will be saved.

3. Reset timers once they’ve ended — never earlier
Once a timer has ended, it’s an indication that the minimal time between doses for that particular medication has been reached and it’s safe to take another dose of it. Only then should you click the ‘Reset timer’ to clear the ‘Start time’ and ‘End Time’ entries for that medication. Clicking ‘Reset timer’ any earlier could mean you’d be taking another dose too early—before the minimal time between doses has been reached.

Repeat steps 1-3 for each medication you’ve been prescribed.

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