Host a Virtual Holiday Hangout

Host a Virtual, Holiday Hangout

Simple idea for fun, virtual alternative for in-person celebrations.

Like many people around the world, many of us learned to be a little more creative with our celebrations. We’ve also discovered new opportunities to gather with globally dispersed friends and families.

In January 2020, my family hosted a virtual ‘Holiday Hot Cocoa Hangout’ on Christmas Day. In an attempt to simulate an in-person social, we delivered a bagful of treats to each household before the event from one of our favorite California grocery stores,
. We also asked guests to add photos to a shared photo album directly from their phone!

I’m sharing this event hosting template with you so you, too, can use it to quickly throw together a last-minute get-together for this New Year’s Eve, or any other upcoming event.

Use this as a template for your next virtual event

Make your own copy, rename the title at the top-left of the page, then can customize the event details. Once everything’s set up, deleting or moving this page to the bottom of the page list, then
this doc and share the link with everyone with ‘Can edit’ permissions. Feel free to delete this entire section once you’ve made your own copy of it.

Make a copy of this doc

How to use this template

To host your own virtual, hangout event, you’ll just need:
A list of emails with all the guests you want to invite
A link to your video event
Gmail account (optional for auto-notifications)
A free Coda account (which you automatically get once you’ve made a copy of this doc)

Host your virtual hangout in 5 simple steps

Give your event a name
, then copy and paste the unique URL to your shared photo album here:

Update the
page with your own event details.
You can make last-minute updates to event details at anytime from your desktop computer or phone before the event, just don’t forget to let people know.

Go to the
page to:
* Add guests and guest emails
* Connect your Gmail account (optional)

Move or delete this Introduction page
by dragging and dropping it below the Host Settings page in the side navigation bar or delete it once you’ve set everything up.
Don’t worry, everything else in this doc will still work without this Introduction page.

Send out the invitations!
Simply click ‘Share’ (at the top-right of this page) then add the emails of all your guests.
Alternatively, you can copy the URL and send the link to your invitation in an email yourself!

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