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Host a Virtual Holiday Hangout

Host a Virtual, Holiday Hangout

A simple way to organize a fun alternative to in-person celebrations.
Start by making a copy of this template, then follow the 5 simple steps for hosting a virtual event. It’s a quick way to throw together a last-minute get-together for New Year’s Eve, family reunions, or any other upcoming celebration!
Getting started
Make copy of this doc, if you haven’t already.
Make a copy now
Rename the title at the top-left of the page, then can customize the event details.
Once everything’s set up, this doc and share the link with everyone with ‘Can edit’ permissions
Keep things tidy by moving (and hiding) this page, and the ‘Learn more’ subpage, so the ‘An Invitation’ page is the first things guest will see. Just drag and drop the pages in the side menu so it’s below the ‘Host-only Settings’ page, and still nested in the Photo Album page.
Host your own virtual hangout in 5 simple steps:
Give your event a short, but descriptive name:
Event Name:
Holiday Hangout 2020
Update the page with your own event details. You can make last-minute updates to event details at anytime from your desktop computer or phone before the event, just don’t forget to let people know.

Go to the page to:
* Add guests and guest emails
* Connect your Gmail account (optional)
Move, to hide, this page by dragging and dropping it below the Host Settings page in the side navigation bar. Don’t delete it, this app will need it to run properly.

Send out the invitations! Simply click ‘Share’ (at the top-right of this page) then add the emails of all your guests. Alternatively, you can copy the URL and send the link to your invitation in an email yourself!

Note: If you decide to set up Gmail to work with this doc, it will enable that send guests a notification whenever someone else has added a photo. You can change the way these work if you want to, at anytime.

Want to print your doc?
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