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Favorite Work-from-home Keyboard Shortcuts


A (growing) list of keyboard shortcuts for commonly used work from home apps
Favorite work-from-home keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts not only make life easier for people averse to clicks, cursors, and drag ‘n drops, they save us time. And, every second saved can add up, whether you’re working remotely from home or from anywhere.
One common way to search fo a keyboard shortcut is just to Google it. But, sometimes, when you’re making a switch from one app to another, or from one operating system to another, it’s easier to view an entire list.
This guide provides you with the top then shortcuts for the most frequently used messaging and video calling apps. You’ll be able to shave off a few minutes here and there and enjoy a more delightful and efficient work-from-home experience, overall.
Try a few for yourself »

What’s included
Desktop OS:
Mac OS (Mojave)
Windows 10

Shortcut Categories and Apps
Top 10 shortcuts for the 3 most commonly used messaging and video calling apps, plus general shortcuts for basic computer and browser actions
What’s not included yet
Alt Codes
Markdown shortcuts (we managed to sneak in a few for Messaging)

Let us know if you spot any errors or have a specific shortcuts request by leaving us feedback. We plan to add more lists later, so do check back for updates periodically.
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