Account Plan with Salesforce Pack integration

Account Plan with Salesforce Pack integration

How to manage Salesforce data, team documentation, and action items all in one place.
While only users with a SFDC license can configure the Salesforce Pack, anyone with access to Coda (including free viewers and editors) can access SFDC data when the Pack has been set up, so you don’t need to pay for expensive Salesforce licenses to keep your team in the loop on sales metrics.

This doc serves as a sample playbook for Sales and Customer Success teams who rely on Salesforce to track all their account information. It’s designed to demonstrate how Salesforce data can be pulled into the same place where your teams are taking notes and making plans for account opportunities and plays.
With this playbook, you can view Salesforce data alongside account-related trackers, notes, write-ups, and reports, and provide real-time context. Once the data is pulled into Coda, you can easily customize the data with filtered views, create sales forecasts, and share out reports to other teams via email or Slack, all in the same place—from one Coda doc!
Sales Ops teams can also use the SFDC pack in any Coda doc to automatically create an inbound Leads pipeline, push Lead info back into Salesforce, or even set up new accounts—directly from here.
What’s included:

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