Team Time Allocation

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Getting started!


The team started using a variation of Shishir Mehrotra’s (that syncs calendar data into a doc) to understand how we were spending time across portfolio companies, projects, and meetings.
The has categories specific to our work, and we collectively report on our time spend in this doc. We found tremendous value in shared reporting, especially while our team is remote.


Each team member completes their own calendar analysis in a copy of the or .
Everyone inputs their time into this doc in the section for each relevant category.
The section tallies the hours spent across categories, which can be filtered by date and is viewable by everyone on the team.
Each person can see their historical time inputs in the section, which is filtered to the name of the current user.
You can customize and add categories to measure by updating the table as priorities or projects change.


If you have specific categories you want to track (like SEV does for each of our portfolio companies), consider personalizing a copy of the doc for your use case then distributing it to your team.
If team members are reluctant to sync their calendar data and categorize it (it does take 5-10 minutes, depending on the number of events in your calendar) they can skip that step and manually total their hours and add it to the Team Input table.
The data is less accurate, but it is better to have some imperfect data than none.
If you have feedback on the doc’s usability or recommendations on improving it please reach out to on LinkedIn.

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