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Nick Ha Portfolio


12 Years of Industry Experience
Nickelodeon, Saberspark, PromaxBDA, etc.
Scripted, Unscripted, Corporate, Marketing, and more

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Nickelodeon – Production and Editing Reel

In 2021, I joined Nickelodeon as a full-time Producer and Editor, where I helped produce short-form content for a variety of Paramount-owned platforms, including the Paramount+ streaming service and their official YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok channels.

Promax Game Awards – Category Montages

In 2017, I joined Hayden Street Productions as a full-time Video Editor. Our primary client was PromaxBDA, a marketing industry awards association for whom we produced visuals, montages, and scripted sequences to be shown on-stage during their awards ceremonies.


Between 2012-2016 I served BronyDoc, LLC as an Assistant Editor for the feature-length documentary Bronies—featured at the Tribeca Film Festival—and as a Producer, Senior Editor, and Motion Graphics Animator for its episodic anthology sequel, Bronies 2.

Saberspark – Video Essay Editing & Visuals Reel

In 2020, I joined Chatty Cat Productions as a Video Editor and Motion Graphics Animator, producing journalistic and documentary-style content that has collectively generated millions in views.

Imagine Animal Crossing

In 2020, I produced a pair of mock trailers for the 2020 video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons, featuring several proposed improvements to the game’s UX and UI while authentically adhering to its existing design language.
The videos became a viral sensation—they collectively reached over 2.5MM views on YouTube and were covered by several major publications, including , , and .
The work involved painstakingly reanimating the entire Animal Crossing interface, and designing brand new art assets that matched the overall motif of the game.
You can see more of the work that brought this ambitious one-person project to life below:

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