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Renegade Values

Renegade Values

Why values matter
Renegade Partners was purpose built for a very tender and exciting time in a company’s evolution - the . Companies in this stage are creating the future in which they want to exist; and are experimenting and driving progress on product, go-to-market, and people practices that support their vision.
And part of what enables or hinders their ability to be successful are the behaviors they encourage ー how teammates treat each other, how they treat customers, how they treat partners, how they treat job candidates, how they treat the broader community in which they are a part.
For us at Renegade, values are a codification of:
How to talk: They provide shared consistent language for us to use with each other and also externally.
How to act: They are shorthand heuristics for how we aspire to behave and provide direction on decisions we should make, especially when the “right” choice may not be obvious.
How to future: They are an encapsulation of behaviors we think will unlock our potential as an organization.

One critical job of the founder is to hold and uphold their organization’s values. At Renegade, we are founders too and below are our values.
Our values
Always be learning
We know and accept that the world is an uncertain place, in which outcomes are not always indicative.
As such, we seek the truth and we embrace processes that help us improve our ability to fund and build great businesses, even when truth-seeking is hard, especially when it’s hard.
We find the knowledge and learning in what another person is saying through “Yes and...”
We have the courage to say no when something or someone is smelly or not aligned with our values.
We have a point of view that we back with our actions.

DBAFC and Always be Learning are important counter-balancing values.

We take a stand with conviction (DBAFC), AND we continually check and recheck our understanding of the world (Always be Learning).
Humans valued here
We are crafting Renegade, and seek to craft partner organizations’ employment, in such a way that the individual can thrive and be themselves.
Unfortunately for the world, but fortunately for us, Belonging is a competitive advantage that we seek to leverage.
Excellence for the long term
For us, excellence is finding and focusing on your unique source of “flow” or “play,” and being the best at it.
The Renegade Team is like a set golf clubs, individually specialized and excellent in our own ways.
Excellence is taking care of yourself and each other so that you can be excellent tomorrow too.
We are founders too
The founders we back are resourceful; make low-risk decisions quickly; admit when they’re wrong; do more with less; do what they say they’ll do; work as a team with a “One Team One Dream” mindset; are always sharing their vision; and are respectful of other people’s time.
So are we.
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