Three Science-Backed Tips To Lose That Extra Fat, Fast & Forever

So, you've been trying to lose weight forever, but you've hit a roadblock in your weight loss journey. The internet, of course, is ready at your beck and call to dish out hundreds of pieces of advice. Unfortunately, not all of them are good, and some can be very detrimental to your health. Don't worry! We're here to help with three science-backed, the expert advised, sureshot methods to lose weight.

1. Stay Away From Fad Diets

You've heard your fair share of bizarre weight-loss advice over the years, from green smoothies to water diets.
Keto diet and the carnivore diet are two popular recommendations. People who stick to a for a long time have health problems such as kidney stones, osteoporosis, and even liver damage.

People who follow a for a long time accumulate dangerous fats in their bodies, eventually developing heart disease.

What is the best course of action, you ask? Maintain a well-balanced diet and a regular exercise schedule.

2. Hire A Weight Loss Coach

It's preferable to engage a nutrition consultant if you want to try your hand at 'dieting.' You don't have one in your neighbourhood? Hire an to help figure out which diet suits you best to make you your healthiest self.

According to research, engaging a weight loss coach helps you lose weight and maintain the weight loss in the long term. That's what we call a win-win situation.

3. Get A Sugar Addiction Treatment

Thanks to the amount of sugar sneaked into our diet, most of us are addicted to sugar. In fact, that might be the prime reason for those uncontrollable junk food cravings and late-night tummy rumbles. Getting your sugar addiction treated under a professional can help you get your health back on track, and as a side advantage, help you lose those kilos!

What's the one thing that doesn't work for weight loss? Unending crash dieting. Follow these three science-backed pieces of advice to help you shed the extra fat and keep it off for life. All these without giving yourself an eating disorder!

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