3 Ways You Can Help Your Loved One Coping With An Eating Disorder

Asimple google search would tell you that eating disorders are fairly common today. With a million men and women struggling with food as much as other ‘addictive substances,’ the situation has become very dire indeed.
In actuality, even if you don’t have an eating disorder, there’s a high chance someone you know might.
Here are some great tips from an on how you can support a friend or relative coping with an eating disorder.

Often eating disorders begin as an attempt to mask another struggle the person is going through.
Of course, it may be really hard to reach out to a person with an eating disorder, but the best way to do it is to empathize with their struggles and just listen to their pain.
At the same time, not everyone is prepared to blurt out their struggles. In such cases, it’s best not to force them to do so.
2. Understand & Empathise
Another behavior to avoid is to give our soothing reassurances to your said friend or relative without trying to understand their insecurities.
Oftentimes, people with eating disorders are highly sensitive and insecure about their body image.
So even the slightest bit of assurance, no matter how well-meaning, can be a trigger for them. These minor triggers are a major cause of relapses.
The concluding advice? Don’t be reassured until you can empathize thoroughly with their insecurities.
3. Know When To Seek Professional Help
We all get the urge to protect our loved ones through their struggle. But the only true way we can often protect those coping with eating disorders, is by seeking the help of a professional wellness coach.
And not just any wellness coach either.
Dealing with such patients is a delicate matter, so go for those coaches who have attended and have the certificates to prove it.
To conclude, don’t just be a mute spectator in your loved ones journey to recovery. Listen, empathize, and stay in the loop with a certified eating disorder coach to give your loved one the strength they need to overcome the eating disorder.

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