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Why Coda?

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Why Coda?

We’re so excited to partner with you and your team as you begin your journey with Coda!
Prior to our Partnership Kickoff call, we’d love for you to take a few minutes to share why you bought our solution, the strategy behind the decision, what goals/business challenges you see it solving, and where it fits in your tool stack.
This information will be used in a few ways:
First, nothing is worse then an unproductive meeting. Having this information ahead of our Partnership Kickoff will allow us to spend the call executing by putting a plan in place to reach your Coda goals, rather than spending that time reiterating information.
Second, the more we know, the more we’re able to influence product decisions, build templates that map to your needs/challenges, and have our team engage in a truly meaningful way.
The more details and information you can share, the better! If you prefer to record yourself rather than writing, that works for us too!
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