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Trading Journal V 1.0
Getting Started
Version: 1.0
Created by:
@Stoic InvestorBTC
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If you want to learn more about trading I recommend these sources:
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Why another journal trading?
The idea of the trading journal is to help the trader improve his trading skills, learn from his mistakes and success, and remove bias from the trading. Profit is the most important metric any trader need. But, to be profitable he needs discipline, good strategy and to control his mind and emotions. Unfortunately some traders let their bias take control of their trading and they keep a long record of losing money

The aim of this journal is to help with personal bias and to make you a better trader. You will be able to find if you are profitable or not. What type of trading is more profitable, futures, margin, spot? Is day trading more profitable than swing trading? How your emotions impact your trading? Are you been disciplined and keeping your strategies or you are changing it as you wish? What’s the most profitable strategy? What are your mistakes and success?

Use this journal to improve your trading skills and become a successful trader.

Why use Coda?
Spreadsheets are awesome and many traders use it to journaling. But, there are some drawbacks: if you change something you can broke your spreadsheet, it’s not a real database, you cannot easily find or add information, it’s hard to customize and you can’t see the same info in different ways.

Coda fixes all this problems and give a clean trading journal view, it’s easy to compare information, create reports and you can make changes without breaking everything. Also, you can view your trading the way you want, find new metrics and you can also build more apps, like a to-do list, insert , widgets, etc. In a future release Coingecko will be linked to the journal, so you can see your portfolio and open trades current value.

You can learn more about Coda .

Limitations of Coda
Coda has a limit of tables, pages, formulas and rows (1000 rows) in the free account. This Doc was made for those who want to try Coda before buying a paid account. You still can add 13 objects to it (tables/views, pages, buttons/controls and formulas) and there are 932 rows left. If you do 3 trades a day you can use the free version for almost a year.

The first level is $10. Since there are limitations this Doc is missing some fancy reports. You can check the more complete Doc here.

How to use this Journal trading?
On the left side there is the menu with all the pages used in this journal. The most importante is the page (under
page). Use this page for trading, reviewing your trades and some basic reports.

Under all pages, except
, you will find reports based on the variable of the page.

The main reports are here:

There are some variables that you can change or add new ones: , , , , , and . Don’t change any of the other variables.

If you want to add a new Coin you can go to the page, click on “New row” and add the coin. If you want to add an exchange you go to page, and so on.

How to enter a trading?
Go to the page. There you will find “Spot Trading”, “Leverage Trading” (for margin and futures) and “Review your Trades”.

To add a trade just use the four green buttons at the beginning of the page.

Example: if you click at “Add Spot Trading” it will open a form with “Spot Trading” filled and all the info you need to fill.

Coda doesn’t allow to add a template based on a button action, so you need to check if the form you are using is the Spot Trading template or the Leverage Trading template.

You can link a TradingView chart at the column: Entry Chart and/or Exit Chart. You will need the link chart from TV.

Some important information about fees:
if you are using the Exchange coin to pay fee remember to check “Fee Coin” when enter the Exchange coin trade.
Further instructions are at
What if I have 3 Take Profit levels?
You need to create 3 entries, all with the same date and time. Divide the number of shares between the 3.

How to close a trading?
To close a trade you need to go either to Spot Trading, Leverage Trading or Review your Trades.

How to make account transactions
In this page will fill the initial capital in currency and all the transactions you do (withdraw, deposit, airdrops, stake rewards).
You will only use this page for airdrops and stake rewards if your deposit was made in currency. If you deposit both options as a crypto coin use the trading journal instead and choose either “Stake Rewards” or “Airdrop” at Trading Type.

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