Product Marketing at Coda

Don't just participate in the future of work, make it and share it with the world.
At Coda, we have two key beliefs that drive the company.

The first is that despite a proliferation of apps and packaged software, the world still runs on documents and spreadsheets. Given these tools have remained relatively unchanged for the last 40 years, we believe it’s time to start from scratch, and invent the paradigms that will power the next 40 years.

Second, we believe every family, team, and organization is powered by makers. These people are the organizers that plan trips, craft processes, and make things happen. Makers today are part of a long and important historical arc that started with tools like Etsy, Wordpress, and YouTube. One common theme in these cases is that gatekeepers were removed, and makers surprised the world through their ingenuity and creations

Did this video get you excited about Coda?
Good! As a PMM at Coda, you’ll be making similar assets with our amazing team!

Product Marketing Managers at Coda are part of our Solutions, Partnerships, Marketing, and Brand (SPMB) team, which is itself a part of our broader Growth & Go-to-Market team. We’re a scrappy team of specialists who have taken on new responsibilities, developed new skills, and told epic stories about the maker generation and the rituals that help great teams succeed.

We are looking for a Product Marketing Manager to join our squad and translate what can seem like technically complex magic into clear, accessible value for our growing community of makers. This role will require translating strategic insight into vision and action, cross-functional elegance mixed with hands-on execution, expert story-telling and messaging, and a genuine enthusiasm for solutions powered by Coda.

Specifically, this role will focus on the core experiences in our product that makers interact with every day they use Coda. As a partner to every organization within Coda focused on continually improving the core product experience, you’ll engage in meaningful inbound research with our customers and market, and drive alignment across go-to-market, product, design, and engineering teams. You’ll demonstrate go-to-market finesse in positioning, messaging, and timing, while helping Coda connect with and hype-up new audiences.

If you’ve ever started with the blank canvas of a Coda doc, and immediately became excited as text, tables, charts, images, buttons, and integrations came together to bring your idea to its fullest life—you’ll love this role. If you’ve ever wondered why anyone would use a tool other than Coda, and have strong opinions about why they should move over to Coda—you’ll love this role even more. 😉

What we expect of PMMs at Coda:
Develop and drive strategy for vertical and use case messaging, taking into account key external context and internal stakeholders
Quarterback successful go-to-market launch processes, from incorporating customer POV into product solutions and messaging, to maintaining study project cadence through launch, and on to measuring impact and refining strategies for future launches
Contribute to ongoing marketing campaigns, including providing briefs for content, email, social, community, and digital ad campaigns
Create differentiated narratives based on audience and segmentation and work collaboratively across Product, PR, Solutions, Brand, and Data Science to develop positioning and execute go-to-market across them.
Collect and synthesize user insights to inform strategies; competitive research and messaging.
Iterate on Coda's positioning and work together with our Brand team to create user-facing assets based on that (pitch docs, videos, blog posts, adoption materials, and any other creative mechanisms you dream up!)
Use Coda as an authentic maker, and think critically about our product and long term bets

In the past you’ll have demonstrated:
The ability to build rapport and influence internal and external stakeholders through active listening and articulating multiple points of view.
A love of productivity tools, eagerness to learn the ins and outs of how a product works, and a desire to roll up your sleeves to make things happen.
3-5 years experience positioning B2B SaaS solutions.
You're a natural organizer on your teams ー well versed in the art of working cross-functionally.
Proven experience crafting compelling content & messaging.
Audience research, segmentation, and persona development are all playbooks you've successfully used.
Ambiguity excites you! You can make sense of it and are able to synthesize many viewpoints into easily digestible insights.

Our aim throughout the process is to learn about you and how you might complement our team. Throughout the process, we’ll do everything we can to keep you informed and ready for the next step. Along the way, we’re rooting for your success. Our typical process is outlined below.

(1) Chat with a team member
You’ll chat with someone from our team for about 45 minutes. Often times, it’s Harry, Hannah, Evan, Laura, Elaine, Sharon, Brey, or Andrew. In this chat, we’ll get to know each other and begin to figure out whether there may be a fit between you and Coda. If we decide to proceed, we’ll move to a small group presentation.

(2) Small group presentation
You’ll meet with a small group of Codans from the Growth & Go-to-Market Team, and—if scheduling allows—Product Managers, Designers, and Engineers. In this step, we spend about half the time hearing about your experience and half the time on a product marketing challenge. Our goal is for a small group of Codans to get to know you and your work through a dialogue, similar to our everyday work. In advance, we’ll send you some specific instructions around timing and tips for how to be successful.

(3) Loop of interviews
In this step, you’ll meet more Codans and we’ll conduct a few interviews over Zoom. These interviews will be a mix of fun conversations about positioning, segmentation, pitching, and making. The intent is to learn more about you and how you think in scenarios common to our everyday work.

(4) References
At this stage, we’ll talk to a few people who you’ve worked closely with to better understand your past work and how we might set you up for success.

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