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Icebreaker Bot


An interactive tool to keep your team connected and conversant.
Some of my favorite professional memories have very little to do with a launch or company milestone, and much more to do with the quick, human-to-human conversations that happen over coffee, happy hours, lunch or offsite activities. These conversations have helped me understand the "vibe" of my company's culture, find levity in times of stress and understand how different people are motivated and inspired by different things.

Even before we sheltered-in-place and moved to a fully remote workforce at Coda, a handful of us realized that some of our late-night-at-the-office conversations brought us closer, and we wanted to expand that opportunity to our teammates in different offices and/or with different work hours.

In a few hours, we built "Icebreaker Bot" to send a weekly prompt to our company's Slack Channel for non-urgent, fun conversation. Participation on the thread is optional, but a fun reprieve and chance to connect every Tuesday.

If your company uses Slack, you can copy this doc to customize and launch your own Icebreaker bot.

No Slack? No problem! You can still use this to source a library of Icebreakers and use them for offsites, meeting kickoffs or discussion over your preferred communication channels using copy/paste.

I hope this helps spark a little extra joy for your teams.

To get started, click the "Copy Doc" button in the upper right corner of this doc.
Let's break the ice!

p.s. This is also a great way to learn how to use Coda to automate Slack Messages and Reminders!
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