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ZimZoom <> SimplaDocs Proposal

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Our Proposal for you!

👋 Hey Lee!
Here are some numbers for a final proposal. We agree that starting with a first project is the best way to get to know each other and keep compounding over time, but we want to share with you all the possible alternatives for our agreement so you have the chance to compare them and make a decision.
We are really looking forward to partnering with your team, so please let me know if you have any questions whatsoever on the pricing and options below. We’d like to

Our Proposal 1: Monthly

$5,000 USD
$5,000 flat fee for one month of work within your organization
What we will provide
Within that month, your builder will continually develop and implement solutions on top of Coda for your organization including but not limited to polishing and revamping the existing workflows in Coda to achieve full integration
On top of that, your builder will invest in discovering other opportunities within your organization where Coda can provide compounding value to your team and begin developing those solutions as appropriate
Why we prefer the monthly model
Quick iteration and Pivoting: As we work together we will undoubtedly find areas that Coda can provide immense value to your organization. The monthly model doesn’t put a strict scope to the project and allows us as a team to pivot to and focus on the areas where we can have the greatest impact
Embedded Knowledge: The more you work with your builder, the more they begin to understand how your team functions and works thereby being able to provide tools of greater value in less time

Our Proposal 2: First Project: Graphic Design HQ

$2,800 USD
This is the pricing based on the scope defined in the discovery phase and outlined below
What we will provide
According to the scoping session you did with Steven, we’ll enable the following capabilities in your graphic design doc:
Auditing the existing doc and rebuilding its structure to optimize performance & data integrity
Build dynamic personal dashboards for each user based on profile and assigned workload
Improve communication between designers and account managers for design requests and reviews (possibly with Slack integration)
Implementing email sending to customers with graphic design concept for first revision (not bi-directional)
Advise in choosing a forms supplier to replace Tave
∼ 3-4 weeks max
While no specific timeline can be provided before the detailed scope of the project on starting, we normally are able to deliver this type of projects within a 3-4 weeks

Our Proposal 3: Monthly Support Hour Packs

Individual support hour: $215 per hour
5 hour pack monthly subscription: $875 per month ($175 per hour)
10 hour pack monthly subscription: $1.250 per month ($125 per hour)
The 5 & 10 hour packs are available on a 3-month agreement with monthly payments
What we will provide
According to the specific scope for each job requirement, your assigned builder will diagnose the issue, provide a brief description of the tasks to execute and carry them out. You’ll have total freedom to assign the available hours to customer support, additional features or new building requirements.
Depending on the task
The builder will execute each assignment and record the duration. A time budget could be defined for specific tasks to have better budget control.

Additional Details


You will be assigned a dedicated builder from our team. He/she will take lead on modeling all the Coda workflows in the doc.
In addition to this, one of our advanced Coda developers will be focused on the custom pack development for the Twitter Pack.


Once a final product is delivered or contract ended, we will provide one month of free maintenance on your product(s).
While this does not include new features+ additions - we will ensure that everything is working as expected


The key to a good working relationship and faster delivery of products is communication.
We always prefer to set up a dedicated line of communication that is not email. We prefer to set up a dedicated Slack or Discord channel but have also done WhatsApp
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