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Altice Stream Advertising
Project Summary

Meeting and Standup Notes

1/29/2021-Prelim meeting
Cohort / Segmentation Size:
Current # of Internet Only AND Internet + Phone Subs = ~1.94M (OPT + SDL).
# of customers who would take Stream @$0 = ~98K (30-40% take rate).
# of customers who would take Stream @$5 = ~8K (3-5% take rate).
Offer Strategy:
Max of 3 Stream devices per HH (Household).
$5 per Stream device.
S0 for the 1st Stream device based on speed tier (OPT: 1GB | SDL: T4).
Could potentially give away Stream for free if we could generate ad revenue to offset the cost (aka Comcast model).
¼ million HH per year opportunity, would increase take rate @$0 to 50-60%.
Stream Device Cost:
DAC: $50 per device + shipping.
Advertising Model:
News12, I24 & Cheddar.
50 Xumo Channels:
Altice = 30% advertising inventory share.
Altice can choose to take the feed and sell the ad units ourselves OR
Have Xumo sell the ad units on our behalf (cut Altice an ad-revenue check).
Future Scope:
Additional Content Providers e.g. Pluto & other AVOD, SVOD & OTT content providers:
Expectation is we would negotiate ad ad-share agreement for each additional content agreement.
Once we launch “Operator Mode”, opportunity to create Stream UI advertising placements (e.g. promo tiles, guide banners etc):
Operator Mode ETA is Q4 ’21.
Action: a4 Team requested mock-up of the UI ad placements in the Stream UI. ETA TBD.
Please see attached an old presentation that the Product Team created to explain what some of the advertising units could look like (not leveraging the Stream UI, rather screenshots/mock-ups using our competitors’ UI).
Further Investigation:
a4 Team asked whether the ad units could be targeted (addressable), will need to take this back to the Dev Teams to determine feasibility.
Will need to determine refresh rate opportunity for each ad unit (e.g. pause ads would have a higher / more frequent refresh rate compared to a promo tile, where the tile may not be refreshed until the entire page is refreshed or even not at all – i.e. for a fixed promo campaign.
Action: Follow up meeting with the a4 Team to be scheduled w/c 2/8. Will send out a separate invite shortly.

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