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Plant Health Tracker

For lovers and collectors of plants.
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Welcome to this handy dandy plant health tracker. If you are a lover of house plants, or want to become a plant parent, this tool is for you! 🎉
Use this to keep track of the plants you own, watering schedules, and your plants’ overall health.
Why a plant health tracker?
I’m no plant expert, but I sure do loooove them! I probably have over 30 inside of my house, and have also started an outdoor garden for the first time (a future doc, perhaps?). With so many plants to take care of, it can be hard to keep track of who needs to be watered when! And when issues arise, like droopy, yellow leaves, bugs, root rot… you wonder where you went wrong. It would be nice to track all of these happenings in one place, so you don’t have to do that in your head. That’s where this doc comes in!
Benefits of plants
Purify the air you breath
Plants remove chemicals such as benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde from the air.
Reduce stress levels
Working with plants could reduce both physiological and psychological stress.
Working with plants can be therapeutic
For people experiencing the symptoms of mental illness, indoor gardening can be helpful.
Recover from illness faster
Being able to look at plants and flowers may speed your recovery from an illness, injury, or surgery.
Boost your productivity
Multiple studies have found that plants in the workspace increase both productivity and creativity.
Improve your outlook on work
A nice view might improve anyone’s job satisfaction. A potted plant could have a similar effect.

Let’s get started
Head over to to take a look at the variety of plants that exist, and add plants that you may come across. Use the “I have this” button to add plants to . You can also keep track of plants that you want by selecting “Wishlist,” which will add plants to your .
From , you’ll be able to mark your plants as being watered (via the “Yay!” button), see when the next watering date is, and add reminders to your personal calendar with the “Remind me!” button. There’s even a , so you can quickly mark your plants watered, or add a calendar reminder on-the-go.
You can keep track of your plants by rating how their leaves are doing, whether they are getting adequate sunshine, and health overall. This information will determine how you’re doing as a plant parent, which you’ll find in .
To learn more about plant care, check out .
If you’d like to take a peek under the hood to see how this doc works, head over to .
Have fun, and happy plant parenting! 😄
Feel free to send any feature requests my way, and I can try to add them! You can reach me at

Use this button to clear plants from the “My plants” view and start fresh!
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