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Copy of Project Brief Quick Start

The start of a thought

A dream was once a thought that turns into one of your many treasured accomplishments. When you are growing up everyone ask “ What do you want to be when you grow up?”. What people don’t realize is you never stop growing up. It takes decades for some people to even be able to answer that question, even retired and ave already had a career in another field. So my question is not what but who do you want to be. What kind of image do you want to leave behind of what kind of person you are spiritually, physically and mentally? I want to be someone that's always striving to meet goals I set with faith, passion, honesty, work hard, dedication and integrity. That is an accomplishment all by itself. If it is hard to do then it is worth the effort. I will even fail at some goals, but I will proudly because I know I put all my soul and energy into trying to achieve them. That is an accomplishment all on its on. Everything isn’t meant to happen but as long as I keep the faith, I will accomplishment what god has planned for me in the end. I have many dreams and one of my biggest dreams is helping people that are less fortunate than myself. Helping people can be as small as saying good morning or giving a nice compliment. So what thought do I have to accomplishment my one true dream? I want to start a cleaning business. Your probably like, how does that come into play? Well you have so many people that have disabilities or can’t get around because of age that can’t clean as well as others. I want to have a nonprofit cleaning service combined with my business called “Helping hands cleaning and more” for people less fortunate. One of my thoughts can be not just a blessing for me but others also. I have always tried to help anyone that needed it but you have to have a way of doing so. Everyone has to have a way to provide for themselves. Royal shine moving and cleaning would accomplish that but also give me revenue for my nonprofit dream. We have to provide for ourselves but we have a choice if we want to help others. I choose to do both. Even if I don’t succeed today, I will work hard tomorrow with faith that some day I will accomplish my dream that once was only a thought.
Stacey Pye
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