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Boat Chase


Boat chase is an escape room exercise we did at Coda this March. The game was a lot of fun and I decided to recreate a doc version of this in Coda.

What you can do in this game

Solve puzzle by placing boats on the board. Go to
how to play 1.gif
Be sure to cover lowercase letters (highlighted) and check the column and row spots match boats placed on the board (check out the example below)
how to play 3.gif

Enter the correct answer to win
how to play 2.gif
Add your very own boat chase game and share with others! Follow instructions on
add game 1.gif
add game 2.gif

This is single player game, no support for multiple players.

What can be improved

For simplicity, I specified the formula in one column containing all tiles (8x8x2). Grouped columns has some gap in between so the boat doesn’t look nice.
this is now fixed
Better score tracking in general, leadership board, etc.
Better UX in general

Known issues

Unplacing is undefined when you place two overlapping boats on top of each other, you can unplace all to get back to the normal state.

Original game

Check out the original game at

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