Sprint Valley Testimonials


Introductions available on request.

Jo Owen
Cripps Pemperton Greenish
“Working with the Sprint Valley team has been an absolute joy. They have helped us truly transform the way we approach problem solving and speed in which we can deliver measurable results.
Their approach to fast paced collaborative workshops quickly built consensus and enabled decisions and action to be taken in record speed. Working with Sprint Valley enabled us to use their expertise to start out and build our skills and confidence (and as it turns out passion) for techniques like; analysis of commercial data, gaining client insight, design thinking, group engagement and facilitation, so we could ultimately take on what we have learnt and continue to deliver results, now on our own.
Sprint Valley were quickly able to get under the skin of our business and business challenges, giving them credibility with senior stakeholders, and enabling them to help us prioritise and get to the heart of the challenges we needed to (and now have) solve. After two years of working together, they are now well recognised and respected by our leadership team and have become true partners with our business, helping us to change mind-sets and develop a culture of innovation – all whilst having fun along the way!
I could not recommend them more highly!”
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Anthony O’Keeffe
Chief Executive Officer
Bristow & Sutor Group
“Inspirational, insightful, challenging, passionate, professional, engaging, creative, innovative, impactful, positive energy, transformational, deliver great outcomes are some of the words we would all like to describe our business partners. With Sprint Valley we get that and so much more. Sprint Valley offer genuine craft and have become a trusted part of our team. It is an absolute joy to work alongside them.
The team have a captivating manner and a challenging style which prompts you to look inward to identify (and implement) areas of improvement. The authenticity of Sprint Valley shines through in every interaction and they have the ability to energise a room.
The work done by Sprint Valley has helped us create a better ‘trained’ workforce, more insightful/impactful internal and external communication which has led to positive outcomes including a material increase in revenue. Sprint Valley has become a trusted counsel to the senior management team. We could not recommend them highly enough.”
Colin Taylor
Engineering Director
SP Energy Networks
“I would not hesitate to recommend the team. The support they provided with our culture change programme was invaluable, balancing creativity, agility and thinking differently with a methodical approach.”

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Gary Hazel
VP Talent Development
“I can highly recommend Sprint Valley as an outstanding partner that supports your organisation to transform the mindset of employees towards an innovation and creative culture building high engagement and business outcomes through their highly professional and collaborative approach.”

David Plumb
Chief Innovation Officer
Warwick University
“Sprint Valley brought passion, ideas, energy, creativity and critical thinking to the challenge of building a change excellence institute inside the university. The quality of their people in conjunction with their methodology allowed us to achieve a 4 day solution to a 4 month problem.”
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Pawel Luberadzki
Marketplace Development Director
“The level of preparation was exceptional and their techniques truly unlocked the potential of participants. I can highly recommend Sprint Valley as an outstanding partner to any organisation focused on innovation and talent development.”

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