Group "Fusion"

Splite integrates each element separately. So if you have a graphic composition, i.e. a visual composed of several layers, basic Splite will generate each layer separately. 😕

To avoid this, it is very simple. You just have to join the different layers together in a group called "Fusion". Splite will then generate an image with all the elements together.
Tip: Look at your entire file and ask yourself: which elements should be generated in a single image?
Concrete examples
Some examples of elements to be grouped in "fusion".
A logo composed of several layers. Without "Fusion”, it will be impossible to transform it easily into a link.

An image composed of several layers. Without "Fusion", the photo of the woman will be transformed into a background image. So impossible to add a link to it.

A pictogram with several layers. You can also put SVGs together.

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