Spinel & Kayapo

Why this document exists
As part of our work with impactful organizations, some are facing cash crunches as the only barrier to their scaling-up. Therefore, it’s our job to help them!
The fundraising operations in the table below originate from our Kayapo community. We operate on a success-fee only model, where the most impactful organizations get heavy discount on all services.
Spinel in a nutshell
We are an international activist consultancy, working exclusively with impact-driven organizations. We help them settle into their full potential and strengthening their core operations so that they can grow into long-term, resilient businesses.
🌐 We work for the environment, biodiversity and human rights
🚨 We work against inequality, stupidity and "green washing"
🎢 We support small and medium sized organizations with a big heart in their sustainable growth:
Scale-up strategy sprints: 3-week program to (re)design a strategy or business model - systemically
Commercial growth: From B2B strategy, to templates, to CRM support and A/B testing - with relationships
Project management: Co-design internal methodologies to prepare to massive hiring - with humans at the center
🌟We also help them and their investors improve their impact further, with our organisational design methodology to achieve a positive impact intent called the Impact Lens
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 We provide all our stakeholder with an ecosystem of other impact-driven organizations called Kayapo (platform: )
👋 Our local experts provide our best-in-class know-how and methods
☀️ Joining Spinel is having access to our entire network in full transparency
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