Friend-Powered Recommendations
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Setup Instructions
So you want to mine your friends for recommendations...
Head to
, cut + paste the table, and make sure to click "duplicate data" on the snackbar that pops up at the bottom.
Feel free to add more types of recommendations in
Set up your method of getting input whether via a Google Form, Typeform, or Coda (table for the input recommendations).
Embed the recommendation form in
If you use Coda, your data will update automatically. Otherwise, if you're using an external source like Google Forms, you can either manually add the new recommendations in every once in a while OR
a more automated and advanced method is to connect your data input to the recommendations table that you copied in step 1. See
Publish this doc and go ask your friends to fill in the form!

Let me know if you run into any trouble ー happy to help debug!
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