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Spencer's Friend-Powered Recommendations

A Birthday Gift

A different way to celebrate given the quarantine
It all started in a bright hospital room in downtown Houston...

the initial ask

Ok maybe not that far back, but essentially I got the idea from my friend
who did the same thing for his birthday. I loved the idea of getting recommendations and feedback from people who know me, no matter how deeply we've interacted. It's an amazing experience to get to get a peek into someone else's head and see a piece of their perspective on the world, so thank you to everyone who helped me do so!

As promised, I've compiled a list of the thoughts that were submitted and added a nice way for you to filter and second them via 😍. See them in

Otherwise, I'm still accepting thoughts, ideas, and recommendations (even though it's not my birthday anymore) in
. I'd love to hear any and all things whether it's something that's been on your mind or a passing thought that popped in while skimming this post!

If you're interested in doing something similar (birthday or not), check out

ー With ❤️

✌️Head over to
to see what my friends recommended, or submit your own at

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