Cover Letter

Dear Code Team
I would like to express my interest in Coda’s Growth Associate Program. I possess the skills and passion required to excel in the position. I’m incredibly passionate about B2B software companies and have devoted most of my professional career by interacting with founders, technology startups and VCs.
My entrepreneurial mindset and my keen interest in business and product and engineering are what drive me towards the Growth Associate Program. I absolutely love the idea of working together with Product and Engineering teams on various aspects, like interacting with customers, supporting product launches & experimenting GTMs.
I believe my unique combination of professional experiences, including founding my own company, running two technology-focused communities and venturing into a capital investment at a very early stage, where I sourced and evaluated companies on new technologies, along with that I also help portfolio companies in various aspects like GTM, business development & help them in fundraising..
As I have evaluated multiple B2B startups for the last two years made me realize where my interests lie. I loved working on building a product, especially interest in B2B startups. I loved wearing multiple hats at a job. Therefore I'm looking to pivot my career in this direction. While I was learning a lot on the fly with no help, I would love to learn from someone who is in the industry and would love to have an opportunity to discuss my candidacy.
I’m a self-starter who is a master of multitasking. My entrepreneurial experience shows I can succeed with minimal direction, and I am confident I would hit the ground. I feel the opportunity at Coda would help me continue my development and I would be excited to discuss more on my VC & Startup journey in detail. I have included my resume with a more detailed description of my past experiences. If you are impressed, then let’s schedule an interview. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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