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Hola! 👋 - Sofia here. I am an innovative, driven social butterfly born in Argentina and based in London.

As an individual with diverse interests who has lived nomadically for much of the last five years, I’m constantly identifying new opportunities and thinking creatively about solutions in my own life. I’ve been able to travel up to ten times every year, live in various cities, and explore different industries due to my consistent ability to find opportunities and make the most of limited resources.

This is part of what has drawn me professionally to innovative, solutions-oriented roles, whether I’m identifying and promoting businesses, finding new ways to improve operations, or creating strategies to propel companies forward.

I’m inspired by business’ ability to drive positive outcomes, and I believe that creativity is the key to improve ways of living.

, I will share my professional identity exploration through snippets of this rollercoaster journey I embarked upon in 2016.

→ Curiosities and topics to develop and expect to relate with ‘personal manifesto’ or own north star.


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