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Digit's Guide to Making Decisions


has been a huge success at Digit, as evidenced by its widespread use and high approval ratings in retrospectives. This document is a guide to the intent and usage of the DACI framework at Digit.

What is DACI?

DACI is a distributed decision making framework. It is a variant of the
. There are four roles in DACI:

👩‍✈️ Driver

The person responsible for driving a particular project or decision. They pull all the material needed to pull things forward.

✅ Approver

The person, or people, making the decision. They are ultimately responsible for the overall success of the project.

👥 Contributor

People who are contributing to a project. Contributors have something important to add to the conversation. They may not be passive observers. There is two-way communication with Contributors.

ℹ️ Informed

People who are impacted by decisions being made. There is one-way communication with the Informed group.

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